Beef Alert! NYPD Going To War With Mayor of NYC?

NYC Mayor, NYC Commissioner, and Al Sharpton

Shots fired! A war has flared up between Mayor Bill de Blasio and a top police union called the Sergeants Benevolent Association. The president of the union, Ed Mullins, called on Democrats to reject the mayor’s‘s bid to move the 2016 Democratic National Convention to Brooklyn. Mullins referenced the increase in shootings, talks of delayed contracts, and that cops are under the impression that City Hall won’t back them up, as reasons to not hold the event at the Barclays Center.

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Porn Star or Crack Head, Who Will Be Toronto’s New Mayor

Mayor Rob Ford speaks to media after his meeting with Premier Dalton McGuinty , Police Chief Bill Bl

Porn star Nikki Benz has officially announced her plans to run against mayor Rob Ford in the October mayoral elections. Mr.Ford has been in rehab since the beginning of May after another video of him smoking crack cocaine was released. Ms.Benz who has stared in 217 adult films is expected to register as the 55th candidate for the race. The 32-year-old advertises herself as :Toronto’s sexiest mayor” and get this her slogan is “trade in your Ford for a Benz”. It’s actually pretty cleaver.

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(Video) Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Heads To Rehab: After Being Caught On Tape, Smoking Crack AGAIN?!

IFWT_Rob Ford

After another alleged crack stint, Toronto’s notorious Mayor Rob ford, has decided to take a conscious leave of absence and head to Chi-town for Rehab! Ford has been allegedly threatened by his supplier, with video of the Toronto mayor, smoking “crack” out of a purple pipe. Ford has decided to leave, to “seek help with his problem with alcohol”. Watch the clip below!

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(Video) LMAO: Jimmy Fallon Gets Parents To Admit Their Babies Look Like Mayor Rob Ford!

jimmy fallon gets in bar fight

Funny Man Jimmy Fallon has taken his hashtag game to the next level, with the twitter record breaking #RobFordBaby! Fallon took to the streets of twitter, and surprisingly got a bunch of parents to admit that they’re infant babies favor Toronto’s infamous Mayor Rob Ford. check out the hilarious clip below!

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(Video) Senator Cory Booker Speaks On Twitter Haters, Healthcare & More With Angie Martinez

Cory Booker on The Angie Martinez Show

Last week, New Jersey’s own Cory Booker stopped by Angie Martinez’s show on Hot 97 to help get the word out about healthcare and doing your taxes. After getting the important stuff out of the way, the former mayor of Newark-turned Senator discussed playing catch with Obama, addressed his Twitter haters and more. Check out the full interview below.

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Sicilian Mafia Places Hit On Former Mayor Giuliani


Former mayor, Rudy Giuliani might need extra security for a while. Italian news report that a Sicilian mafia placed a hit on the former mayor in the 80′s after he befriended an anti-mafia judge. The mafia are not people to play with! Read the full story after the jump!

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(Video) Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Makes A “Beat”

Mayor Rob Ford speaks to media after his meeting with Premier Dalton McGuinty , Police Chief Bill Bl

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is one of the most polarizing figures in today’s media. Love him or hate him, the man is entertaining. Just check him out speaking Jamaican Patois, or google the phrase “i’ve got plenty to eat at home”. Beats Academy of Toronto recently held a fundraiser to raise money in order to bring a group of young producers from the dot to this years SXSW. Mayor shared his beatmaking talents with the crowd.

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Boxing: Next Career Move — Roy Jones Jr. To Run For Mayor


He’s moving onto his next career!  45-year-old Roy Jones Jr. plans to run for Mayor of his hometown Pensacola, Florida at the next election.  Would you want your as your Mayor?!  Hit the jump for details…

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(Audio) Mayor de Blasio Talks To Hot 97 About Stop & Frisk, Pedestrian Deaths & Weed Law Plans To Come


Great responses mayor! Mayor Bill de Blasio phones on over to Hot 97 and dropped some serious planning for the near-future in New York. The mayor is looking forward to assisting the NYPD and Bill Branton with channeling their stop & frisk efforts to less innocent folk and more on the criminals.
“In 2011 when stops when up to 700,000, a sounding number, according to police statistics almost 90% of all those stops were innocent in every way shape or form,” says the Mayor. “Take all that time and energy and focus it on actual criminals…the innocent folks, the hard-working folks who were stopped regularly, that’s got to end,” he adds.
de Blasio is working hard! He also details implementations for weed laws, minimum wage, pedestrian deaths and more. Have a listen down below.

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(Video) Bumbaclot: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Speaks In Jamaican Patois After Hitting The Bottle ‘A Little’


LMFAO! Just when we think Toronto Mayor Rob Ford cannot get any crazier, he pulls a new stunt like this. Ford was caught on camera at the Steak Queen restaurant in Rexdale, Toronto immitating a Jamaician and cursing in Patois. He kept saying “bumbaclot” over and over again (and it is HILARIOUS). After the video went viral, Ford admitted to reporters that he had been drinking “a little” prior to his actions that were videotaped. Click below and peep the hilarious video of the crack-smoking mayor.

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