(Photos) Sports: Porn Star Mia Khalifa Fires Shots At The WNBA

I guess it is safe to say Mia Khalifa is not a fan of women’s basketball. The porn star who has seen her fame explode over the past year is a big sports fan. You can always catch her rooting for Florida State football and Lacrosse among other teams and sports. But when it comes to the WNBA, you might expect her to show love because it’s women showing off their own athletic skills, but apparently not so much. The WNBA held their draft last night and Mia (clearly throwing shade) tweeted she didn’t even realize they had a draft because she thought they took volunteers. I am sure her mentions have been on fire today and not in a good way. Check the gallery!

FAIL ! Mia Khalifa Reveals She Curved Drakes Offer To Smash Via DM

Mia Khalifa Reveals She Curved Drakes Offer To Smash Via DM Looks Like Drakes Game isn’t as solid as his lyrical ability . The Toronto rapper may have a way with words on Tracks but it looks like he’s stumbling in this famous porn stars DM. CLICK READ MORE FOR THE DETAILS ! ! #IFWT

(18+Video&Photo) NCAA: Porn Star Wants Braxton Miller To See Why He Should Transfer To Florida State

Well, well! Braxton Miller could literally have his choice of schools if he decides to leave Ohio State, but a certain porn star REALLY wants him to come to Florida State. Braxton watched his Buckeyes win the championship without him as he missed the season with injury and it doesn’t appear as if the starting job will be his again. Since he has Heisman caliber talent it only makes sense to look to transfer and star somewhere else. I don’t know about Braxton, but Mia Khalifa could convince me pretty easily!

(Fellas Check The Pics) Check Out Porn Star Mia Khalifa Without Any Make-Up!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Mia Khalifa, the most searched adult film star on Pornhub. The Lebanese-American porn actress has so much controversy surrounding her due to her background and she has even been receiving countless death threats from overseas. However, she recently posted a before and after pic onto her Twitter account showing her au-naturale face prior to getting all dolled up before filming. She looks almost the exact same which is SO rare, especially in the porn industry. She’s so smart because when people search her and want to see her “no make-up pics,” she’ll look the same and they’ll love her even more. She is brilliant! Love her (not like I watch any of her videos or anything.. yannno… LOL.) Head over to the gallery and check out Mia Khalifa’s before and after flicks. She is such a little baddie!

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