(Photos) The Flooding Continues: Haunting Photos Of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland

Wow,  it is extremely saddening to see the conditions of these places– especially the ones that hit so close to home. As the flash floods continue, hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to evacuate and leave their homes and personal belongings behind in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. (The flooding has been in most of these places since Irene hit almost 2 weeks ago!!) Counting my blessings that my home and family are okay and sending my prayers to the families and people deeply effected by this mess! After the jump you can see photos of the devastation… @ItsLukieBaby

(Video) Obama Visits Storm-Battered New Jersey

President Barack Obama reviewed damage inflicted by Hurricane Irene in northern New Jersey on Sunday, promising residents, “We’ll be there to help.” Obama visited the towns of Paterson and Wayne, where residents showed the high-water marks from the flooding spawned by last week’s hurricane. Continue reading and watch a video of his visit after the jump. @capriSUNshine

UPDATE: Hurricane death toll at 9; Tornado damages 17 homes in Delaware; Tornado Watch Issued for New Jersey and New York!!

Right now, a majority of Hurricane Irene is in Maryland but the outskirts of the hurricane have caused tornadoes in Delaware destroying 17 homes and causing one more death. A tornado warning has been issued to New Jersey and the New York Metropolitan Area. Read the latest updates after the jump!! @ItsLukieBaby

Husband Accused Of Orchestrating Wife’s Murder Physically Abused Her

The family of Nazish Noorani said that long before her husband had her killed in New Jersey, he physically abused her even locking her in a room for eight hours with a dog. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story. Funk Flex Find Flex On Google+

Man and His Mistress Accused of Shooting His Wife Dead in New Jersey

A man and his mistress have been charged with murder, conspiracy and weapons offences over Tuesday night’s killing in Boonton, New Jersey. Apparently the two plotted the murder of the man’s wife together. Read the full story after the jump… @Funkmasterflex Find Flex on Google +

(Video) (NSFW!!) Kelly Rowland Wardrobe Malfunction & Nip Slip!!!

Yesterday the pictures leaked for this incident. Now see how it all happened, after the jump! DJTech4

(Fellas Check The Pic!!! NSFW!!) WHOOPS! Kelly Rowland Has An Outfit Malfunction!!

Kelly hit Jersey club 4 Sixty 6 last and really showed the crowd how she can be their ‘Motivation’…Check out this outfit malfunction and what she had to say about the incident. @DJTech4

Celeb Kicks: Ludacris, Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Joe Budden, Kid Cudi & Mike Posner

Over the weekend and last week there were a lot of fresh kicks that notable celeb’s rocked. Check out what Luda, King James, Joey, Cudi, Posner and Durant had on there feet after the jump… @DJJUANYTO

(Photo) Joe Budden and Ice-T Pose for a Flick

I’m sort of expecting to spot Coco somewhere in the background posing half-naked LOL. Joe posed with his dog Brooklyn (a one year old cane corso) and rapper Ice-T at his New Jersey home over the winter (I’m assuming from the trees?). Dope! @MarisaMendez

Tech Talk Warning: Man Using Craigslist To Rob People!

How would You like an iPad at a super discounted rate? or maybe even a Car?? Well that’s why most people are hitting Craigslist, to find great deals, And some dudes in NJ(Irvington) figured out how to take advantage of this, by advertising cheap items, setting up meeting spots in quiet neighborhoods, then Gaffling You!!! This has happened a few times since the iPad 2 dropped and people have been fleeced in thousands while coming to buy things like the iPad to Cars, with the suspect walking right up on them with weapon in hand! Recently a neighbor thought something was suspect and took a photo of the suspect which you can see after the Jump! @TatWZA

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