Iggy Azalea Speaks On Plastic Surgery Rumors Says “I’m Not Denying It”

Iggy Azalea is finally addressing the rumors that she’s gone under the knife after she showed up at the 2015 Billboard awards looking like a brand new person. In an interview with Seventeen Magazine Iggy Azalea kept it real and said she’s not denying it. Hit the jump for more.

(Photos) Iggy Azalea Spotted Out In L.A.! See If Her Face Has “Settled” Yet!

Iggy Azalea must have gotten addicted to the knife after getting the breast implants she’s quite proud of, and debuted some new face surgery on the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards this month – much to the public’s dismay. Looking stiff, plastic and quite honestly like a Muppet, Iggy was subject to tons of ridicule for her new look, with many feeling like she shouldn’t have touched her previously pretty face – or at least waited for the surgery to settle before sharing it with the world. The controversial celeb was spotted out yesterday by paparazzi for the first time since FaceGate, and it appears her face has settled a bit – but I’m still not used to the new nose. Are you? Check out the latest pics in the gallery and let us know your thoughts!

(Photos) Whoa! Did Kendall Jenner Get Her Nose Done?

Kendall Jenner shows off a slimmer nose on January 9 compared to just a couple of month before. A plastic surgeon as said her nose appears thinner and also slightly shorter.

(Video + Photos) Po Johnson Reveals The Dominatrix Within For Page 31!

Femme Fatale! Serving up all kinds of gorgeous is Po Johnson with a Page 31 spread. The reality tv star turned songstress admits to her nose job, and why she decided to disclose to the world, the progress of self improvement. “I’m not got with keeping up with lies…I want people to know that I did this,” Po mentions. “If they think I got f**ked up, yeah I got f**ked up. If they think I look great, then yeah, I look great.” Well, Po was hot prior to the physical changes, but she’s still looking just as hot! The, “This Is My Ish” singer states that, if she were to get her own reality show, the kids would have to be put to bed – EARLY! Delivering dominatrix [that seems to be going around these days] is what we could expect, and boy-oh-boy even without that all-black leather on a weekly basis, we get the idea in this current shoot. Check it out after the jump.

(Photo) Amanda Bynes Is Going To Film Herself Doing WHAT?!?

The train wreck that is Amanda Bynes continues. While Lance Bass says Amanda is definitely not herself these days, she continues to let everyone know exactly what she’s doing. Now Amanda Bynes is going to film herself during a procedure and release it online. So what exactly is Amanda doing? Find out what she tweeted in the gallery.

Amanda Bynes Does WHAT To Her Boobs?!?!?!

The 27-year-old troubled ex-Nickelodeon star was very proud of her new chest after she went under the knife for a boob job just a few months ago. However, she confirmed via an e-mail to Radar Online that she just had yet ANOTHER procedure done, but this time for something different! Hit the jump to find out the deets.

(Photo) Man Goes For Nose Job, Gets Whole Nose Removed?!?

This must SUCK. Vishal Thakkar went to get a nose job after a divorce, and trusted the PRESIDENT of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Angelo Cuzalina, to give him his first surgery. Something went wrong, which required a follow-up surgery. Then it gets worse and worse, and 22 surgeries later, the doctor just went ahead and removed his nose. He now breathes through a straw in his nose. This doctor certainly needs to have his license revoked, but also, why would you allow this joker to perform 22 surgeries on your face? Check out a picture of the poor victim in the gallery.

(Video) Amanda Bynes Admits To WHAT?!?

Amanda Bynes continues to entertain everyone with crazy videos and half-naked selfies. Now she’s pissed at InTouch for using an old picture of her, because she’s prettier now. What did Amanda admit to? Check out her confession after the jump.

(Video) Nicki Minaj Finally Speaks On Plastic Surgery Rumors!

Nicki Minaj is a bad b*tch. Period. With that said, her looks are ALWAYS going to be a topic of conversation. Ever since she’s been on the scene, the Young Money raptress has been plagued with rumors that she’s had all kinds of surgery…from a nose job, to butt shots, breast implants, veneers and everything in between. Though the butt enhancement rumors have been the most persistent (there is a noticeable difference as you can see in the gallery…but eating right and doing squats can help even the flattest of booties!), but the nose job rumors have been quite persistent as well. Though she leaves the booty talk out of it, Nick finally addressed the nose job talk while sitting down with Extra recently, and set the record straight! Hopefully this will stop SOME of the chatter for now! She also revealed the reason she’s been pretty toned down with wigs and clothing as of late…she’s officially switching up her style for 2013 to a more mature look! Which do you like better?

(Photos) Hmmm…Did Beyonce Get A Nose Job?!

Normally I don’t play into these silly rumors of celebs getting work done, because the “photo evidence” provided is usually just them at a different angle. However, these side-by-side pics of Beyonce and her nose are too different to ignore! Word is that she got some work done, and debuted the new look at the Super Bowl. It’s possible she’s debuted it before and people just didn’t notice, though. I know makeup can completely change the contour of one’s facial features but this is like, a totally different shape! Check the pics in the gallery and decide for yourself!

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