(Video) Dam!! Man Gets Beat With Hammer In NYC Streets Because Of Road Rage

Accidentally caught on camera, this guy hops out his car to beat another guy with a hammer while he’s kicking for mercy before the cops get to the road rager to cuff him up…hit the jump!!

(Video) Caught On Tape: Confrontation Between Protesters & NYPD

Confrontation Between Protesters & NYPD, Protesters have been going strong since the grand jury decision on the Eric Garner case, although the marches across NYC have been primarily peaceful, at least from the protesters end, the NYPD have allegedly made over 200 Arrests, and the footage below shows how that goes down.

(Fellas Check The Pics!!) Jeny Romero Does Her Bikini Thing In The Streets Of NYC!!

Well you don’t see this everyday…Jeny Romero in her bikini on the streets of NYC!! LOL! @DJTech4

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