(Video) American Airline Plane Caught On Fire

An American Airline plane that was heading from O’Hare and going to Miami experienced a problem during takeoff, in which caused the plane to catch on fire.

(Photo) Black Transgendered Women Gets Kicked Off Plane For Wearing An A$AP Rocky Shirt And A ‘Black Panther’ Hat

Amanda Stevens of Albany, New York, is a black transgendered journalist. She boarded a United Airlines plane to get to Chicago to cover a League of Legends event. Her attire as she boarded the plane was a hat with the logo of Marvel’s Black Panther and an ASAP Rocky shirt with an upside-down American flag. The design of that shirt was actually pulled from Pac Sun last summer. A pilot on the train asked Stevens to take it off due to the fact that it made him uncomfortable.

Muslim Siblings Kicked Out Of Plane After Being Accused Of Being ISIS Members

Smh, racial profiling for Muslims literally happens everyday across the world. This is sad. Check out the full story below.

(Video) Lol: Drunk Racist Woman Gets Handled & Tossed Off A Plane

Oh man, you just gotta sit back and laugh when people can’t handle their liquor and they just start saying whatever comes to mind – even if it’s calling a cop a “black a$$ mother****r”. Good job girl, good job.

(Video) Young Dolph Being Eyed On Plane

Have you ever caught someone sizing you up on camera? Well Young Dolph did on the plane and posted the hilarious video on Instagram. Hit the jump to watch.

FedEx Worker Falls Asleep, Plane Takes Off With Him

If you ever fell asleep on the job (even though you’re not supposed to), normally you would expect to wake up in the same place you fell asleep in, right? This happened to a FedEx worker, but with a slight twist.

(Video) Drunk Millionaire Gets Kicked Off A Plane After Bragging About His Coins

I think we all can agree that listening to a person brag is really quite annoying. Imagine how a group of people on a plane felt listening to a millionaire brag about how much money he makes and what he does with his money.

Morgan Freeman Unharmed After Plane’s Force Landing

Morgan Freeman’s plane blew a tire as he was leaving Clarksdale, Mississippi. The jet made a “controlled forced landing” in Tunica. Morgan was apparently going to shoot a segment for National Geographics, “The Story of God.”

(Video) Azealia Banks Completely Loses It On A Flight, Goes On Homophobic Rant

Azealia Banks recently requested that urban media outlets stop covering her because they were “damaging her brand.” However, Banks seems to be doing a pretty good job of that on her own, by sticking her two cents in everywhere and her frequent Twitter rants. Monday night (September 21) Banks added more fuel to the fire when she was caught going crazy on a Delta flight from New York to LAX. Hit the jump for more.

(Video) Alicia Keys And Swizz Beatz Get Loose To Celebrate 5th Wedding Anniversary

Five years ago singer Alicia Keys and producer Swizz Beatz were married. Today the couple celebrated with a quick dance surrounded by sunflowers to Diddy’s Finna Get Loose before boarding a plane. Swizz uploaded the video of the couple getting’ loose with the caption “5 years My Love!!! We’re about 2 get Loose!!! My Sunflower” Check out the video below.

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