(Video) Chris Brown Still Stuck In The Philippines, Calls On Obama For Help

Yesterday, #IFWT reported that Chris Brown was stuck in the Philippines over a dispute between the singer and party promoters for an incident that happened last year. Brown’s legal team then reported that the issue was sorted out and Brown was leaving Manila on a flight to make his show in Hong Kong. Well, now it’s clear that Brown’s legal team was dead wrong because he’s still in Manila begging for someone to help him out. Read more below.

(Photos+Video) Plane Towing Banner Crashes On California Beach

Unfortunately, many Californians didn’t see fireworks in the air but a plane careening out of control. Authorities are reporting two people were injured after a small plane crashed on a crowded beach in California.

(Photos+Video) Plane Crashes On Atlanta Highway Killing 4 People

Shortly after take off from Dekalb Peachtree Airport in Atlanta a small airplane crashed on I-285 east interstate right after 10 am. Read more to see a video of the aftermath and details on the crash

Man Almost Dies After Waking Up Inside Cargo of Moving Plane

Willa Junior falls asleep in Cargo Hold of Plane and Wakes up while the plane is ascending. He thought he was going to die. Willa tried to make a call for help they thought he was a prank caller so he called 911.

(Photos + Video) Plane Crashes Into Fence At LaGuardia, Injuring 3 During Landing

NYC is in the middle of yet another snowstorm, but a Delta flight from Atlanta to LaGuardia Airport went off as scheduled this morning. The landing, however, did not go very well. As they were touching down, the plane skidded off the runway and into a fence just inches from the water, sparking a minor fuel leak in one of its wings and injuring several people. The fuel was leaking at a rate of about 1 gallon per minute, but fire crews were able to quickly stop the leak.

Super Diva: Kanye West Holds Up Flight Due To The Distance Of Terminal

Boss, the plane – the plane is still sitting, because it’s waiting on a passenger named, Kanye West. Details.

(Video) A Pilot Completes The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge In The Air?!

A pilot named Bruce Bohannon completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge while in the air. Check out the crazy video after the jump!

(Photos) Just Like Her Mama! Blue Ivy Steps On The Plane In Style!

Beyonce’s website brings you into the world of all that is Queen Bey royalty, including sharing photos of her little princess. In one photo Blue Ivy struts in some little pink heels rocking some adorable baby couture as she walks on to a plane. Check out the must see cuteness after the jump!

You Won’t Believe What The Odds Of Dying In A Plane Crash In The U.S. Are Equal To!!

Despite the recent no fly zones and the shot down planes overseas, a recent study should hopefully help ease anyone’s worries about flying in the U.S. Check it out after the jump.

(Video) Howard Stern Fan Calls In And Pranks MSNBC’s Coverage Of Malaysian Plane Crash!!

A fan of Howard Stern somehow found his way onto MSNBC’s live coverage of the Malaysian Airline Flight Shot Down near the Russian border. According to sources, the man — who claimed to be Staff Sgt. Michael Boyd — told “The Cycle” host Krystal Ball by phone that the aircraft was “shot down by a blast of wind from Howard Stern’s ass.” Check out the rest after the jump.

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