Azealia Banks has had enough of urban media outlets, and she’s making sure everyone knows it. After receiving heavy criticism for her Playboy cover story earlier this year, the “#ATMJAM” femcee is done dealing with well-respected media outlets like BET, HOT 97, and other urban magazines who don’t invite her anywhere “not even to take a picture of my foot.” Read her most recent Twitter rant after the jump!

Azealia Banks is encouraging urban media outlets not to cover her anymore. The rambunctious female rapper has never been one to hold her tongue and recently went on another Twitter rant to swear off popular media outlets like BET, HOT 97, and other urban magazines.

“Black media has done the most to damage my brand,” she tweeted in response to BET’s story on her rant. “When I was threatened with physical violence by TI u all laughed at me!”

Banks went off on people who passed judgement on her unique Playboy cover story. She’s also mad that BET won’t play her videos but will “any dumb shit by any white person with a few black people in the video.” She also points out the double standard that exists for black men and black women.

“No really the black media does not give black women the same lee-way and benefit of doubt that black men are given. Black men are allowed to fuck up, rape people, murder people, have sex with underage people… and hip-hop will still support their shit.”

Shots fired? **cough, cough Tyga** It also seems like she’s mad that black media outlets won’t cover her music, but are still be quick to post her rants. While we wallow the irony of this post, check out her rant in the gallery above.

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