(Video) NFL: Marshawn Lynch Has Priceless Reaction Once He Finds Out What Pokemon Go Is

Marshawn Lynch should be happy he had no idea what Pokemon Go was until a couple days ago. Not that he strikes me as someone who would ever play the game to begin with. Marcus Peters of the Kansas City Chiefs begins to explain the game and Marshawn replies with “what the f*ck is y’all talking about?” before referring to them as “peeky-man”. Check the video below. Even after being told about the game I don’t think you will ever see beastmode walking down the street with his phone at all different angles.

(Video) Pokemon Go Parody Is Asking All It’s Viewers To “F*ck Em’ All”

This story is for all you Pokemon freak asses out there. Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. People might be catching Pokemon at a faster rate than they are catching STD’s but that’s another story for another time. Pokemon are in the park, the street even graveyards. So I guess it was only right that the porn industry got their hands on the game. Brazzers, the same porn production company behind last month’s four-part Ghostbusters XXX parody (if you didn’t know), has bravely barged into Pokémon Go fever with the helpfully titled Pornstar Go: A XXX Parody.

NFL: Lions’ Larry Warford Quits Pokémon Go Because of ‘Mind Control’

Pokémon Go is extremely addictive and bizarre stories across the country have been popping up on the news; from someone crashing their car while playing, to a couple leaving their child alone so they can go out and play.  Larry Warford has decided that he doesn’t want the game ruining his life, so he’s detaching himself.

(Photos) LOL: Rihanna Says No To Pokemon Go At Her Shows!

When you come to a show for Riri, she demands the stage and attention. On the stage she made it clear that she wasn’t here for the Pokemon Go games at her concert! Hit the jump to see what the sassy singer had to say.

(Video) Tooo Far! New Zealand Man Quits His Job To Become A Full Time Pokemon Go Trainer

Yo this is crazy lol. Wayyy too much…this guy quit his full time job as a bartender and barista down under, to become a full time traveling Pokemon Go trainer.

New Hampshire Police Are Using The Pokemon Go Game To Lure In Fugitives

Pokemon Go has become an obsession to some players. Many people suspend every ounce of common sense that that have just for the game and find their selves in sticky situations. There are stories of people falling off cliffs, some players have been shot and others are even being lured into traps because they want to “catch em all.” This past week, New Hampshire police department decided to take advantage of the Pokemon Go game and jokingly tried to bait wanted criminals with the game.

(Photos + Video) Will Pokemon Go Help Hillary Clinton Become The 45th President Of The United States?

If you don’t know what Pokemon Go is I suggest you come from underneath that rock and download it. Lol! The game has taken the world by storm and people are playing the game more than they use Tinder. Trainers are catching Pokemon during work, class, while driving and other inappropriate times and places. Pokemon Go has created a national and cultural moment unlike any other, so it was only a matter of time before it influenced our contentious election season. Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, is finding ways to incorporate the game with the election so she can possibly catch the majority of votes at the polls.

7 Craziest Things That Happened While Playing Pokémon GO

The shit people see while playing a little game on their phone lol It’s ridiculous, I swear i’ve heard it all. Hit the jump and take a look at these crazy, real-life stories.

(Video) Is This Drone Really Made Just For #PokemonGO ?!

Pokemon Go has officially taken over the world, it’s practically hit every market, including crime! It’s all over the news from accidents, to robberies, to more Crime, to causing relationship issues, to business using it to boost sales. Passing Tinder, Twitter and FB on daily active users, changed to model of mobile gaming, successful integration of AR… Pokemon GO is one of those ‘game changers'(no pun intended), but a Drone made specifically to play in those ‘hard to reach’ areas??

(Video) 2 Men Walk Off A Cliff Playing Pokemon Go In California

Smh…This Pokemon thing is getting so crazy it’s nearly taking lives! Come live in the real world people! And watch your step…

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