Advanced AIDS Prevention Tools Are Set To Be Unveiled Soon!

A new report from The Boston Globe issues that a number of advances in the fight against AIDS has been made and that although there is hope in sight, they still need a few “more tools” to work with in the goal to emancipate anyone with the disease. Read more below.

(Video) Wait What….400 Goats Can Stop Brush Fires?!?

To prevent forest fires from spreading, this place decided to get 400 goats to eat the surrounding brush. They paid almost 15K for their year service. So who hired all these goats??

New Pill May Prevent HIV In Drug Users Who Inject

We are one step closer to a real cure for HIV/AIDS. A new study conducted in Thailand shows that Tenofovir cut the risk of infection in heroin, meth and other injection drug users by nearly 50%. Based on the findings, the CDC recommended that doctors consider prescribing Tenofovir to those who inject drugs. It blocks the virus from making copies and spreading through the body. In the U.S., Tenofovir is included in an AIDS drug called Truvada…which costs about $14k a year. We still have a ways to go, but breakthroughs like this definitely give us hope!

Protect Against Heart Attack And Heart Disease

With the recent death of Michael Clarke Duncan, who never fully to recovered from his heart attack and unfortunately passed, we can all learn to measures to protect ourselves against future heart risk. Click below to read more. Jason J.

Experts Say The New HIV Prevention Pill Draws May Not Be A Good Idea!!!

Foster City drugmaker Gilead recently updated its application with the federal Food and Drug Administration for approval to market its HIV treatment medication Truvada as a HIV prevention pill. Gilead’s application, however, has sparked debate among public health advocates who argue that the wide availability of the drug would discourage safe sex and would, in fact, increase the incidence of HIV. I had to copy and paste this because the experts have a great argument. Click below to read more. @WiLMajor

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