(Video) Want To Feel Broke? Check Out Drake’s Private Jet That’s Like A Living Room With Wings

Drake is currently overseas on his Boy Meets World Tour, and apparently, he’s moving around Europe in style! Via a member of Drizzy’s team, we got a peek inside the rapper’s private jet last night on social media – and let’s just say we feel pretty damn broke now. That thing is like a living room with wings, bruh! Check it out below.

(Photos) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Adds Almost $40 Million Dollar Private Jet To His Collection

Some of us can only dream of ever riding in a private jet once in our lives. Floyd Mayweather now owns two private jets himself so if you’re friends with him you might have a chance. The leader of the money team reportedly spent close to $40 million dollars on his newest toy and judging from the pics and knowing his style, no expense was spared.

Lil Wayne In Stable Condition After Having Two Seizures On His Jet

Lil Wayne is ok after having to receive medical attention following the seizures he had aboard his private jet.

(Video) Update: Chris Brown & His Crew Hotbox Their Private Jet Until They Get Kicked Off

See who can get the highest? Breezy and company got kicked off their own private jet after the pilot warned them not to light up on board, but of course they refused and did the complete opposite, forcing a landing.

(Photos) Lil Wayne Kicked Off A Private Plane For What?!

Lil Wayne must have gotten a new pilot, because this guy was not on board with Tune‘s favorite pastimes. Literally. TMZ reports that the rapper was kicked off a private jet just 17 minutes after he’d taken off in Ft. Lauderdale yesterday, after he and his crew started smoking weed despite the captain’s wishes.

(Photos) Boxing: Floyd Mayweather Shows Off His Rides Worth Over $7 Million!

Undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather is LOADED and he’s not afraid to spend it or show it off.  The champ posted a picture on his Instagram account of all his fly rides and the grand total is astounding!

(Photos) Sports: Floyd Mayweather Welcomes Justin Bieber To The Private Jet Club

A club that only few and far in between will ever get to be in is the owing your own private jet club. Most celebs and athletes and rich people only rent them from time to time but there is a short list of people who actually own luxury private jets. Justin Bieber joined the club recently as he posted pics of his new prized possession. His boy Floyd Mayweather has already been in the club for years and decided to welcome Bieber in the right way.

NBA: Uh-Oh, Private Jet Company Suing Bucks OJ Mayo For Drug Use & Not Paying Full Fare

This is one of those “C’mon Man” type of stories, smh. If you can’t afford to live a luxurious lifestyle then don’t fake it. Milwaukee Bucks OJ Mayo, who has made millions during his career is being sued by a private jet company for not only ditching out on the fare price, but also using drugs on the flight. The company claims the employees were put at risk by his drug use, but they never specify what drug. I can only assume the Bucks don’t want to hear something like this.

(Photo) NBA: ‘Bosses Chillin’ Paul Pierce Flies On a Private Jet With Al Pacino

Odd couple, or not since they’re both “bosses”.  Not sure how Al Pacino and Paul Pierce ended up on a private jet together but here they are.

(Video) Boxing: Whoa, WHAT?! Floyd Mayweather’s Next Gift To Bad Medina Could Cost Him $56 Million?!

Yes, you read that headline right…$56 million. I’m gonna go with Floyd wasn’t thinking clearly when he made this statement, because GOT DAMN — that would be one expensive ass gift! Floyd was stopped by the paparazzi while in LA for the ESPYS with his boo Bad Medina and they asked him how would he be able to top the birthday gift he just gave her — a $300k Rolls-Royce. His answer? A private jet. Listen, if anyone can do it — it’s Money Mayweather. Check it out…

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