(Video) T.I. Gets Pulled Over By Police And Says He’s Scared To Death

T.I. has just posted a video saying he got pulled over by police. He says his friend was playing with the widows in the car which lead to police smelling marijuana in the car. The cops pulled T.I. and friends over and search the car.

(Video) French Montana Gets Pulled Over By Police

French Montana took to social media to record his encounter with police on his way home from the club. French says in the video even he gets pulled over and tells the officers that ‘Black Lives Matter.’

(Video) Rapper King Myers Spits a Freestyle When Pulled Over By a Cop

No this is how you handle getting pulled over, haha. Props to the cop for actually listening… until it started getting real lol Check out the dope freestyle.

Score One For The People!! Supreme Court Shuts Down Cops From Just Grabbing Your Phone!!!

The US Supreme Court has sided with the people vs. law enforcement! Now should you get stopped or pulled over, a cop can NOT just ask or grab your phone, they have to have a warrant. They used 2 cases, Riley v. California and U.S. v. Wurie to make there decision, and these are BS cases, gangs and drugs.

(Video) After Being Pulled Over, Black Teens’ Have Insightful Talk With Official About Police Responsibility!

A few days ago, members of the Black Youth Project were pulled over for their tail light allegedly being out, yet when the teens stepped out of the vehicle and inspected the accusation they found that nothing was wrong with the light. The teens found this, the perfect opportunity to meet with the officer to further discuss their feelings of hurt and lack of justification for the stop, in this amazing conversation, below!

Whoa! Diddy’s Car Pulled Over At Gunpoint After A False Alarm!

Diddy’s car caused some major drama in L.A. today…but thankfully, it was all a misunderstanding, and Diddy didn’t have to deal with the drama. After getting dropped off at the Soho House, his Maybach drove off with his bodyguard and another person inside. For some reason, 911 was called and told that there was a man with a gun inside the car, and at least 9 squad cars quickly made their way to the $500k vehicle. Cops pulled their guns and ordered everyone out of the car and made them lie on the ground, until they discovered it was a false alarm. The street was closed down temporarily until deputies gave the all-clear.

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