NFL: Robert Griffin III’s Wife Blindsided by Divorce & Devastated Over His New Girlfriend

It turns out Robert Griffin III and his wife Rebecca Liddicoat have been separated for months AFTER she found out he was dating a new woman.  The new girlfriend Grete Sadeiko we posted isn’t so “new,” and RG3’s wife is reportedly devastated.

NFL: Robert Griffin III Filing for Divorce From College Sweetheart Rebecca Liddicoat

It appears that Robert Griffin III is looking for fresh starts in both his professional and personal life.  The new Cleveland Browns quarterback has separated from his wife and is in the process of filing for a divorce.

NFL: No Teams Want to Trade For Robert Griffin III

Robert Griffin III went from a bright star and starting quarterback many felt would turn the Washington Redskins troubles around, to the third string quarterback whom is at the basis of much of the controversy surrounding the team.  Despite epically bad games from Kirk Cousins, RG3 remains on the sideline with fans even starting a #FreeRG3 campaign on social media.  Well it turns out he is available for trade but no one wants him.

(Photos) NFL: Chris Rock Calls Out The Redskins For Racism With Their Treatment Of RG3

Everyone has an opinion of the situation between the Washington Redskins and Robert Griffin III. It’s sketchy to say the least and most people with a brain know the most talented quarterback on that roster is still RG3. Kirk Cousins might be the starter but he clearly isn’t bringing hope to DC. Many people would agree that the way the Redskins have treated Griffin is unprofessional and personal and one of those people is Chris Rock.

(Photos) NFL: This Is So Wrong! RGIII Can’t Even Stay Healthy In Madden 16′

Everyone has been piling on Robert Griffin over his tendency to be injured and it appears EA Sports, the makers of “Madden” have added themselves to the pile. We all know RG3 has been having his fair share of issues with Redskins coaches, teammates and fans but when video game makers are getting in on the action you know it’s bad.

NFL: Robert Griffin III: ‘I feel like I’m the best quarterback in the league’

I’ve said it before that great athletes are supposed to say they’re the best even if they’re not but there’s exceptions to this.  First, you shouldn’t say it if you’re aren’t prompted i.e a leading question from the interviewer, Secondly, you shouldn’t say it if you haven’t been performing well lately.  Apparently Robert Griffin III wasn’t aware of those two exceptions.

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