Everyone has been piling on Robert Griffin over his tendency to be injured and it appears EA Sports, the makers of “Madden” have added themselves to the pile. We all know RG3 has been having his fair share of issues with Redskins coaches, teammates and fans but when video game makers are getting in on the action you know it’s bad.


At first, I thought this was just some more jokes on Griffin, until I started seeing how many different people on twitter were saying the same thing. RG3 doesn’t even make it through the video games without being injured, which is eerily similar to real life. I even called someone who I knew had the game and told them to try playing with the Redskins. Sure enough, RG3 wound up being injured and out for the rest of the game.

Over the last two seasons, he has dealt with various lower body injuries that have forced him to miss up to 10 regular season games. Apparently, RG3’s injuries extend past the football field.

Griffin’s injury rating — an indication of how often a player will get hurt — is actually 77, which is tied with Jaguars backup Jeff Tuel for fifth-worst in the game among quarterbacks.

EA Sports’ ratings experts have deemed Eagles starter Sam Bradford (71), Cardinals starter Carson Palmer (74), Browns starter Josh McCown (75) and Raiders backup Christian Ponder (76) more injury prone than Griffin.

Personally, I still think Griffin can turn things around and have a good career. In order for that to happen though he must get out of Washington or the Skins’ need to fire Jay Gruden and get someone who can work with RG3. Sadly, the injuries will keep happening regardless of location if he doesn’t change more about his playing style.

Check the gallery for the endless tweets from Madden users who experienced Griffin getting hurt. Trust me, there are hundreds, if not thousands of tweets going around right now saying the same thing.