(Photo) Kanye And Rihanna Head Back Into The Studio, But This Time For What?!

Kanye And Rihanna Head Into The Studio

While his best friend on tour with his wife, Kanye hit the studios in West Hollywood with “Good Girl Gone Bad” Rihanna. The two hit the studio late at night to possibly work on a follow up to their last successful collaboration, “All Of The Lights”. What magic are they brewing up now?!
Find out after the jump!

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World Cup: Fans Are Not Happy About Rihanna Cheering For Germany Today


Rihanna has been all about the World Cup and today she continued to make some fans mad.  The U.S. lost to Germany today & as the game was going on Ri Ri was live tweeting and cheering for Germany — of course A LOT of people didn’t like that and had something to say about it.  We still love you, but c’mon Ri — Team USA!
Check it out…

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A C-String For Those That Think A Thong Covers TOO Much Skin.. WTF Is A C-String?!


Ladies and Gents, introducing the C-string also known as invisible underwear. Be sure to check out the gallery for pictures of this uncomfortable, fancy maxi pad looking underwear. You can actually get the C-STRING in an array of different colors, and lace. Also they come for men as well. LOL!!

Rihanna probably wears them, and so did Kendall at the MMVA with those high slits.

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(VIDEO) Who Would 50 Cent Eff, Marry, And Kill?! With Rihanna, Nicki And Iggy As His Options!


While stopping by LA’s Power 106 morning show yesterday (June 17th), 50 Cent got put under pressure with a game of ‘Eff, Marry Or Kill’ and was given Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea to pick from. It obviously wasn’t an easy choice. Find out who he would marry, kill and do the nasty with after the jump!

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(PHOTOS) Sports: This Is How Rihanna Does It For The World Cup & Reveals New Athlete Crush!


Rihanna has her own way of watching the World Cup — many fans agreed with her after she shared a pic on Twitter.  Shortly later she revealed she has a new athlete crush as she watched the USA vs. Ghana game — and again many of the ladies agreed with her.  Check it out & let us know what you think…

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(Video) Squashing Beef? Chris Brown Kicks A Quick Freestyle Over DRAKE’s Song!

Chris Brown x Drake

As we all know by now, Chris Brown and Drake haven’t been the best of friends for quite some time, having had a bit of tension over Rihanna – which came to a peak when they got into an all-out brawl at NYC club W.I.P. exactly 2 years ago. For a while after, the guys were [understandably] sworn enemies, throwing shots on both ends, but toward the end of 2013, Chris seemed to be trying to make peace. The troubled singer put out old footage of the pair together in the studio, and was spotted multiple times rapping along to Drake songs in the club, but no news of a reconciliation came out of it.

Now he seems to be making an attempt once again, having posted a video to his Instagram page rapping over Drizzy’s new track, “0-100.” Chris is definitely in a much better place now than he was in the last couple of years, so I think it would be amazing if the guys could squash the beef and make some money together! Rumor has it that Drake left a party early last week when he heard Chris arrived, though, so it doesn’t seem like he’s ready quite yet. They’re both done with Rihanna so I don’t see why not!

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(Video) Check Out Rihanna’s Character In The 3D Animated Comedy ‘Home’


Back in February, IFWT announced that Rihanna will be starring in an upcoming DreamWorks Animation film, Home, where she will be a voice over for one of the characters. Rihanna recently introduced fans to her character on Twitter. Take a look at her animated character, and trailer below.

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(Photo) Uhoh! Rihanna Is Being Sued Again! But This Time For What?!!

Rihanna Sued Over Visuals In RockStar 101 Video

This bad gal keeps getting slapped with a new lawsuit left and right! The “Good Girl Gone Bad” songstress has recently been hit with another lawsuit! The lawsuit is like a blast from the past for Rihanna.
Find out why Rihanna is being sued after the jump!

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(Photos) For This Outing, Rihanna Chooses Black As The New Naked!


Some may not like to see Rihanna’s half naked (all the way naked) booty plastered over social media, but realistically, most do. Sex sells and half of the people talking have bought it – She isn’t the most desirable for nothing. However, the slick talking bad gal knows when to cover up. Like, during an outing with Coldplay’s Chris Martin.

Check it out in the gallery.

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(Photos/Video) Rihanna Named Most Desirable Woman!!


After being presented with a “Fashion Icon” Award last week, Rihanna is now also “Most Desirable Woman”.Kevin Hart presented her with the prestigious title at the Spike TV Guys Choice awards and joked “How many men are mad that she didn’t come naked?” and Rihanna said “I knew pervs like you would be here.”Watch the video after the jump.

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