(Video) Rihanna And George Clooney Play The BEST Game Of “Never Have I Ever” On Ellen


Things got juicy on the latest episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show, when Ellen challenged her guests, George Clooney and Rihanna to a game of ‘Never Have I Ever.” The actor and Grammy award winning singer let it all hang out when asked about skinny dipping, hooking up, drinking and sexting, some of their answers might even shock you! While Rihanna was quick to admit about “seeing a rapper naked” she wanted some clarification about “hooked up with someone in the back of a car,” she asked Ellen if she meant “making out” or “sealing the envelope.” Check out the clip below for all the dirty secrets!

Mariah Carey Praises Rihanna In New Interview + Says She Hasn’t Heard Adele’s “Hello”

ifwt_Rihanna x Mariah Carey

Rihanna has always praised Mariah Carey as one of her biggest influences, so she will be delighted to hear the kind things Mimi said about her in her latest interview! Chatting with the Breakfast Xpress morning show in South Africa, a high-spirited Mariah spoke on her recent engagement (though declining to give details on how it happened, as she wants to keep the moment personal,) loving Scandal and more, and even throws a little shade the Kardashians’ way as she changes the subject when they’re brought up. As for Rih, Mariah said she’s “cool, amazing and really talented,” adding that she loves her. How sweet! On Adele, she said that she hasn’t heard her smash hit “Hello,” simply because she’s focused on her own music. It’s no shade to her at all, though, because it’s long been known that Mariah does not listen to the radio, so add that with the likelihood that she’s not on social media much either (since she probably has a team that run her accounts for her,) and it’s quite easy to not have heard it! Check out the full interview below.

Rihanna Debuted At #27 On Billboard – But There’s More To The Story!

ifwt_Rihanna MAIN

On the Billboard charts that were released on Sunday, Rihanna debuted at number 27 – but don’t consider this a “flop.” As previously reported, Billboard is not taking into account the one million TIDAL sales (as they were purchased by Samsung and given out to fans with a promo code.) Billboard only began tracking sales once Rih released ANTI to iTunes, which happened late on Thursday night. 12am on Friday begins a new sales week, so that means this week’s results for ANTI are only a few hours worth. Next week we will see the official numbers, which are currently predicted to be around 120-130k, solidifying the number one spot. This week, ANTI moved 16k pure iTunes sales, 460 physical sales (which only comes from stores that illegally made the album available early) and more than four million streams. We’ll keep you updated on the official numbers next week!

(Photos) TIDAL Is Saying That Rihanna’s Leaked Album Was A System Malfunction And Not A Publicity Stunt


First off congratulations to Rihanna on her new album, Anti, going platinum after just one day after it was released. Even though the album was leaked TIDAL is saying it’s because of a system malfunction. The streaming service is saying that a “system” error is the blame for Anti’s leak. Check out the rest of the story after the jump.

(Photo) Do It For The Gram: Rihanna Gets Kinky For IG


With her album just dropping, its time to turn up a little. Rihanna was just turning up with Miguel and his Motel party and now she gets a little Kinky for the gram. Turn down for whaaaa?

(Photo) Rihanna’s Stalker Sent Her A Disturbing Masturbation Video


Back in July, we learned about Rihanna’s crazy stalker. He use to send Rihanna all types of threatning messages via Twitter. He even went as far as to taking a picture outside of her house and posting it on social media saying, “outside yo house.”

(Photo) Rihanna Approves Of #SummerSixteen


Drake finally released #SummerSixteen We now see the way the whole “Views From the 6” will be. Drake basically tells us he will run the Summer, so do not get close to his throne. Looks like Drake got Rihanna’s vote.

(Videos) Miguel Throws A Lit Motel Party To Promote His Album; Rihanna Performs!!


Miguel was balling out on Friday night. He rented out a whole motel, just so he can turnup with his people. It was so lit in there, even RiRi decided to perform.

#MusicStillMatters New Music: Rihanna – Sex With Me


As part of Rihanna’s latest album “Anti” we have “Sex With Me” which appears on the iTunes deluxe version. Take a listen below

Rihanna’s ‘ANTI’ Album Already Went Platinum In Less Than A Day


Less than 15 hours after premiering her highly anticipated 8th studio album, Rihanna’s Anti has already hit the 1 million download mark – by taking a similar route her label boss Jay-Z did in 2013 for his Magna Carta Holy Grail album. Hit the jump.

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