LOL! These Robbers Were Tricked Into Doing WHAT?!

Click the jump to see how these attempted robbers got tricked and arrested!

(Video) That’s Karma For You…Man Has Heart Attack While Robbing People!!

This is the perfect case of Good and Bad Karma, Bad because the Mugger catches a Heart Attack(Elizabeth! *Fred Sanford Voice*), and Good because although he was Mugging people, they decided to get him help once he goes down…would you have done that?!

You Could Get Robbed When Doing WHAT Everyday Task??!

Click the jump to see how these new kind of robbers (called “sliders”) are robbing civilians while they are pumping gas!

WHO Got On Kid Rock’s Bad Side?!

Click the jump to see what a suburban Detroit man did to musician Kid Rock’s home and his reaction to it!

NFL: OJ Simpson Granted Parole In Kidnap/Robbery Case, But Still Faces More Jail Time

The Juice is still not loose, but he’s getting close!  O.J. Simpson was granted parole on some charges from his 2008 case, but he remains locked up on other charges.  He was facing a 9 to 33 year sentence and now he can be granted parole in 4 more years. Details after the jump…

Robbers Allegedly Said What Before Stealing?!!?

Officials say that Robbers tell man, “This is for Trayvon Martin” after stealing from him. Read more after jump

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