(Video) Sports: Porn Stars Sara Jay & Siri Promise Free Blow Jobs If Germany Wins the World Cup

Back in June of 2012 porn stars Sara Jay and Angelina Castro promised to give their several hundred thousand Twitter followers oral sex if the Miami Heat won the NBA Finals.  Well the Heat won and the girls delivered.  Now Sara Jay is back at it and this time she’s added another porn star, Siri.

(Video) Sara Jay Talks About How Her Career Ended Her Marriage

Sara Jay sat down with the good people at VladTV, and explained how her career in the Adult Film industry affected her relationship with her ex husband. Check it out down bellow. PaulDaPro

NBA: The Show Will Go On…Location to Collect Free BJ For Heat Winning NBA Title Announced

Sabrina B. This is still so bananas to me! SMH But to each his own I suppose. Lol As you may recall, Porn Stars Angelina Castro and Sara Jay made a Twitter bet that if the Miami Heat won the NBA Title they would give their followers blow jobs.  David Stern tried to stop this from happening, but they have settled their case with the NBA and the show will go on.

(Fellas Check The NSFW Pic) Sara Jay Doing What She Does Best!

Check out Sara Jay doing what she does best. Click below to see the pic. DJTECH4

NBA: League Blocking Porn Stars Angelina Castro & Sara Jay From Giving Out Free Blowjobs to Heat Fans

Porn Stars Sara Jay & Angelina Castro promised their Twitter followers that if the Heat won a championship they would give their followers BJs. They are women of their word, so they set up a site detailing the rules and regulations to come get serviced.  The NBA however is trying to cock block, literally.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie x Sabrina B.

(Fellas Check the Video!) Sara Jay Balances Various Objects On Her Butt and Ladies, She Wants To Know If You Can Too!

Adult film star Sara Jay has a big ol’ booty and apparently she can balance quite a lot of things on it! Check out the video below. @DJTech4

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