(Photos) One Man Dead After Shooting At Savannah State University

It is definitely a tragic way for the students at Savannah State University to begin their school year. Yesterday, a man, Christopher ‘Cooley’ Starks, was shot on campus and later pronounced dead at a local hospital.

(Photos) NBA: Lebron & D Wade Have Been Staying On Massive $29 Million Dollar Yacht In The Bahamas

Lebron James & Dwyane Wade are together again. Nope, not to join teams, but to take a break from it all and party and enjoy life aboard a sick, 150 foot yacht in the Bahamas.

Whoa! Georgia Teacher Fired After Students Post Her Naked Selfies Online!!

34-year-old Georgia middle school teacher, Lekeshia Jones has filed a wrongful termination suit against her former employees. Jones was the victim of a phone hack by a group of her very own 14-year-old students. That phone hack led to several naked pictures that were once stored in it to be posted online. According to NY Daily News, the group of students secretly accessed her phone during a business club meeting at Myers Middle School in Savannah. More info after the jump.

NBA: Fans Lost It Over LeBron’s Wife’s IG Post — The Meaning Behind It Has Been Revealed!!

Last night/earlier today fans went crazy over trying to figure out what LeBron James’ wife post on Instagram meant.  Well the mystery has been solved.  It’s amazing how something can mean so many different things to different people.  I still feel like she knew she was going to get this kind of reaction.  So was she hinting that LeBron is headed back to the Cavs?  Or was it about their baby girl that is arriving soon?  Or something totally different???  Check out what her post means after the jump…

(PIC) NBA: LeBron’s Wife Savannah Posts Photo on Instagram That Has Fans Going Crazy On What It Means!

Did Savannah James just open Pandora’s box?!  That’s what fans think.  Savannah knew exactly what she was doing when she made this post on Instagram last night.  The simple pic she put up has fans wondering it means???  Is LeBron thinking about heading back to the Cavs or could it be something as simple as her talking about their baby girl that should be due soon???  She’s definitely hinting at something, but didn’t expand on the meaning. Check it out & weigh in…

NBA: Finally Confirmed — LeBron & Savannah Expecting Third Child

We’ve been hearing since February that LeBron James’ wife Savannah is pregnant, but never had any type of confirmation … until now.  During today’s Miami Heat press conference, Pat Riley confirmed the news.  Check it out…

(PHOTO) NBA: Proof That LeBron’s Wife, Savannah, Is Pregnant?!

Back in February rumors spread that LeBron & wife were expecting another child (they already have 2 sons).  LeBron did deny that rumor.  Well Juwan Howard’s wife posted up a pic on Mother’s Day that was deleted a short time later because many saw Savannah’s baby bump.  Still no confirmation, but it definitely looks like the James family is about to get bigger.  Check it out & let us know what you think…

Paula Deen Restaurant Shut Down, But How Did She Inform The Workers?! #Scandalous

My, how the tables have turned – over in this case. The “racism scandal” with Paula Deen seemed to have been dying down, but she’s added fuel to the fire in this case. After the general manager of Uncle Bubba’s Seafood & Oyster House sued the crafter of 14 cookbooks for using the, “N-word” and treating some staff like slaves, it’s clear that Deen couldn’t stand the heat, so she got on out of the kitchen as the restaurant is now closed. …how did the employees find out that they were out of a job?! Find out down below.

(PHOTOS) NBA: LeBron, Savannah, Wade, Gabby & More Party at Chris Bosh’s Huge Birthday Party!

He may not be wearing a mask on the court anymore, but he is rocking one off the court.  Everyone came out to celebrate Chris Bosh’s birthday party last night including Wade & Gabby, Emily B, LeBron James (rocking a black mask) and wife Savannah & more! Check it out…

(PHOTO) NBA: Fans Go at LeBron’s Wife After He Drops 61-Points!

All she wanted to do was congratulate her husband. SMH.  Some of you guys are taking this way too seriously.  Can LeBron live?  Can Bron’s wife live?!  Geeeeez-us. LeBron’s wife Savannah took to Instagram after LeBron made history last night to share the special moment.  Immediately after the game not only did fans of Kobe, Jordan & Melo take to social media to “hate” on LeBron — but they also went after his wife.  They decided to make their arguments on the pic she posted up.  You guys do know that it’s ok that LeBron had a big night right?!  That it doesn’t need to be compared to Melo, Kobe or Jordan right?!  Righhhhht?! Ahh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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