(Video) Compton Unified School District Getting Sued By Parents And Students

Kendrick Lamar on his ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’LP had some lines that caught my attention. He said, “I know if I’m generous at heart, I don’t need recognition. The way I’m rewarded, well, that’s God’s decision. I know you know that line’s for Compton School District.” He quite possibly could soon be writing about, his hometown school, the Compton Unified School District getting sued by parents and students.

(Video) Is This Legal?! UC San Diego Students Forced To Take Final Exam Naked!

An art professor at the University of California, San Diego requires that all of his students take the final exam in the nude! The syllabus refers to the exam as the “Erotic Self”. Some students, and parents, are in an uproar about this and want action taken by the university. The professor says he’s been doing this for years.

(Video) Parents File Lawsuit To Allow Daughter To Use Medical Marijuana In School

New Jersey parents file a lawsuit to allow their daughter to use medical marijuana in school. Check out the video and read more on the story after the jump!

(Video) 12- Year Old Girl Dismissed From School After Beating Leukemia!!!

After having to deal with one of the worst predicaments in her life, she now has to deal with another one. 12- year old Rose McGrath was diagnosed with leukemia since August. With more than two years of battling cancer, she now has to deal with her school kicking her out. Click the link below to read why she was kicked out of school.

(Video) Boxing: Report, Floyd Mayweather’s Daughter Gets Jumped In School, Appears To Hold Her Own

So there is a video going around the internet, claiming to be Iyanna Mayweather, daughter of Floyd, and she is getting jumped by a couple of girls in school. She seems like she inherited some of daddy’s skills because she is able to handle herself given the circumstances. The video is blurry, but Iyanna is allegedly the girl in the army green color shirt looking like she is fighting off two girls. Shortly after the video started going viral, Iyanna went on her Facebook page to confirm it was her and lay out some warnings to the girls she was fighting. Hopefully this is the end of it.

(Video) HighSchool Student Beats Up Teacher After Being Told He Cant Go To The Bathroom !

HighSchool Student Beats Up Teacher After Being Told He Cant Go To The Bathroom WHEN YOU GOTTA GO YOU GOTTA GO ! Sometimes , we wonder about High school Students and there logic. This High school Freshman Decides to Punch His Teacher Repeatedly because the Teacher refuses to let him Leave class to go to the bathroom CLick READ MORE to See the Video recorded by another student !

“Teacher With Benifits ” ? Teacher Having Sex With Students !

Teacher Having Sex With Students I know what your thinking “Isn’t There a Movie Like this coming out this month ?” well were talking a very similar scene MINUS Jennifer Lopez, there’s this “Teacher With Benefits” Allegedly Had Sex With a Teen While Out on Bail for Allegedly Having Sex with Teens !

(VIDEO) Teacher Arrested For Letting Students Smoke Weed At Her House

Teacher Arrested For Letting Students Smoke Weed At Her House An Atlanta Georgia Middle School Teacher was arrested along with her Husband earlier this week for allegedly allowing minors to smoke marijuana at their home. Teachers neighbors report that they are FARRRR from surprised.

(Video) Mayor De Blasio Plans To Extend New York City School Days By One-Hour

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio has a new plan for struggling NYC schools. He plans to extend their school day by adding an extra hour with hopes of adding new resources via the School Renewal Program, which “aims to increase achievement at some of the city’s long-struggling learning institutions.” The $150 million dollar program will affect 94 schools around the city that rank the lowest. Do you think the Mayor’s new plan will help the education system in NY? Drop your thoughts below.

NBA: 30 Years Later, Charles Barkley Admits To Doing What In College?

I still get upset when current & retired pro athletes admit years after the fact to cheating in college or taking some kind of money while they were there. I don’t mind the fact they did it personally, but I do mind the fact that their admissions cause no repercussions for themselves, but cause big issues for current and soon to be athletes at those schools. Charles Barkley admitted in an upcoming interview that he took money from agents multiple times while he was at Auburn, as much as $20,000 in one shot. If someone had known this at the time Barkley would of had alot of problems, but he was able to hide it. I do like the spin Barkley is trying to put on it with his comments though. Hit the jump.

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