(Video) This Is Dope! Teacher Uses Hip Hop To Help Students With Math & Science!

If every teacher used Hip Hop as a tool to get kids to understand math and science more, I’m pretty sure grades would be a lot higher! Tom McFadden, a teacher who graduated from Stanford University, was the mastermind behind this new teaching method. He had his students create music videos rapping about their different lesson plans. BRILLIANT! (I wish I was in his class in high school..smh!) Peep the video below!

(Video) Lol: So This Is What Morgan Freeman Sounds Like On Helium?

Morgan Freeman lends his voice to the narration of many shows and movies. Recently, the actor was hosting a science show. Freeman surprised viewers when he took a breath of helium from a balloon and let out a Alvin the Chipmunk-esqe voice. Let’s just say he sounded nothing like is usual self! To check out the video, click below.

(Video) GZA Speaks Science & Discussed The Positive Aspects Of Hip Hop On Ted Talk!

The Hip Hop veteran and Wu-Tang member GZA took to the latest Ted Teen Talk to discuss the ways of science and overall music affects us all in ways we may not have thought of! GZA states that although Hip Hop is frowned upon possibly for its profane language, Hip Hop was first started to educate and promote positive vibes. Check out the full clip below!

(Video) Stephen Hawking Stuns The Science World By Saying ‘There Are No Blackholes’

Considering Prof. Hawkking has been a man into Black Holes for most of his career, this is def a change in his tune.

Nas Talks About Hip Hop Fellowship & Why He’s Fighting For The Genre!

Back in July, we got word that Hip-Hop Archive and the W.E.B. Du Bois Institute at Harvard University was honoring Nasir Jones, by building a fellowship in his name. The emcee gives us reason to why he’s down for the cause, one that he would not have been down for in his twenties. “In the beginning, I was a fighter. I’m always going to be a fighter, but I fight differently, for different reasons, today,” said Nas. “Hip Hop is important like computer science. The world is changing. If you want to understand the youth, listen to the music. This is what’s happening right underneath your nose,” he continued. Kurtis Blow, Rakim and many other legends’ words influenced his connection between hip-hop and education. He’s more for a fellowship such as this one nowadays due to these acts. This is what I like to see! You go Nas! Hit the jump for more.

What’s Going On With Our Money? Scientists Laid Off Due To Budget Cuts

It took time, but forced federal budget cuts are costing hundreds of science and medical research jobs. Some lose their job next month at Arkansas State University all cause of forced spending cuts. 30 jobs have been lost because of defense funding cuts for their work detecting bombs. On Friday, they were given plaques for their service. But are the plaques enough? These are just a FEW of the lay-offs underway all thanks to $85 billion in forced spending cuts, called sequester. And as more research grants don’t get renewed, the layoffs will get worse, experts say. It’s just sad because we need treatments for cancer, HIV, and so many more diseases.. and now we’re getting rid of people that can help? Unfortunate.

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