(Video) Basketball: Josh Childress Kicked Out Of Australian NBL Game For BRUTAL Elbow!

Talk about ‘Throwing Bows!’ Things got a bit heated on the court in an Australian NBL game between former NBA player Josh Childress and a member of the opposing team. Childress, who now plays overseas, had been knocked down on a hard screen play and decided to return the favor with a VICIOUS elbow! Hit the jump to see how gritty things became…

(Video/Photo) It Doesn’t Stop! More iPhone 6 Renders, And The Real Front Panel In Hand!!!

I’m starting to wonder is this becoming overhype?! I mean I really want this(or these) damn iPhones too, but this year the renders and mockups are at at an all time high, and Apple hasn’t ‘officially’ said sh**! I guess that’s why we’re eating this stuff up, ok let the hype continue…

WNBA: Brutal! Skylar Diggins Gets ROCKED By Screen

Yikes!! Poor Skylar!  Sunday night she got laid out after being blindsided by a hard screen by Crystal Langhorne.  Langhorne was called for an offensive foul on the play, but the whistle ended up being inconsequential in the end.  Check it out…

(Photo) Uh Oh! A Leaked Case Could Be For The iPhone 6?!

This def continues the excitement for the newest iDevice, we are all waiting to find out if the iPhone 6 will be the dream machine we dream it to be.

(Video) Stagehand Sues Swedish House Mafia For LED Screen Falling & Crushing Him At ULTRA

A guy working for Swedish House Mafia is suing the group for a situation that happened nearly a year ago! Stagehand Joseph Green says he was setting up the stage for SHM’s performance at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami and a massive LED screen fell from above, hurting him. Green claims the screen clearly wasn’t mounted correctly and says it messed him up something bad. He says he’s, “disfigured and has suffered really bad mental anguish.”

(Video) NBA: Kendrick Perkins Embarrasses Carmelo Anthony With Hard Screen

Yea, so about that Knicks/Thunder game. SMH.  My heart can only take so much of this.   Melo scored 15 points in yesterdays loss to the Thunder 112-100.  It definitely wasn’t one of his best games.  Not only that, Melo got embarrassed by Kendrick Perkins.  Check out what happened…

(Video) European Xbox One Fans Are Not Happy With The New Console?!

Yesterday we saw footage of fans rushing into store to get the PS4, but Xbox One came out a week earlier(reverse of how the new consoles dropped here in the States), and it seems european fans of Xbox are as unhappy as US fans.

(Photos)Screen Actors Guild Awards Red Carpet

The 2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards red carpet has arrived! The stars have come out looking glamorous in Cali and showing off what they can. Hit the jump for pics.

New Samsung Galaxy S Models To Have Unbreakable Displays

  There have been prototype bendable displays leaking throughout the internet. Crazy right? A screen that can bend or fold? It may seem crazy now but Samsung, a leader in electronics and display technology, may not be that far away from an unbreakable screen. Hit the jump for details… Tat Wza

Tech Talk News: iPhone 5 Users Have Flickering Screen Issues

Since the iPhone 5 hit the shelves there has been mixed reviews on the devices.   The one thing that a lot of iPhone user can agree on is that the phone may come with a defect of some sort. The list runs so far scratches on the phones while still packaged, touchscreen issues, the maps weren’t good and recently the purple flare when pictures were taken. The latest defect floating around is some users are seeing flickering screens while using the phone. Check the video after the break. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

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