(Video) Officers Pepper-Spray & Arrest Protesters At Seattle Airport

Protestors bombarded the Seattle Airport with protest due to the immigration ban that Donald Trump has ordered. In a video, we see police ordering people to move.

Sports: Russell Wilson Joins Investment Group Trying to Bring NBA/NHL Teams to Seattle

Gary Payton recently announced that he was trying to bring an NBA team back to Seattle and that he knows an arena has to be built first.  Well, Russell Wilson knows that as well and has joined an investment group that is trying to build an NBA/NHL arena in Seattle to bring teams from those sports to the “best fan base in the world.”

(Photo) Five People Shot In Seattle Near Anti-Trump Protest

In Seattle, there has been five people shot near a anti-Trump protest. Two out of the five people shot are suffering from life-threatening injuries. The shots broke out shortly before 7pm.

(Photo) Waka Flocka Needed Medical Attention After Consuming Too Much Weed

While in Seattle for a performance, Waka Flocka decided what better way to spend the day then smoking a little bit of legalized ganja. Not only was Waka smoking big fat blunts, but he was also munching on a bunch of weed infused foods.

Justin Bieber Busted For Skipping Out On His Bar Tab

Just a few nights before kicking off his ‘Purpose’ Tour, Justin Bieber went to a local Seattle Bar with his entourage. According to reports, Bieber and seven friends showed up to the The Whisky Bar and ordered a round of shots. Sources report they ordered GlenDronach, which is a 12-year-old single malt scotch, going for $15 per shot. At some point in the evening, before paying the bill, the group when outside to have a smoke and while ended up in a heated exchange with a fan that almost turned violent. The story goes, female fan wanted a photo but was turned down by one of Bieber’s dancers. Her boyfriend got angry and started yelling and making a scene, so Justin and his group decided to leave. Apparently, one of JB’s bodyguard’s were supposed to handle the check but it never got paid in the midst of the chaos, leaving the bar high and dry for $130. TMZ reports, the tab was settled and everything was paid for several days later.

Massive Explosion Takes Out Seattle Neighborhood, 9 Firefighters Injured

A massive explosion just ripped through a Seattle neighborhood early this morning – obliterating at least one building, damaging several others and putting nine firefighters in the hospital in the Washington city. Hit the jump.

DUI’s Have Decreased By Ten Percent With The Help Of Uber

Uber has not had the best reputation and finds itself getting bad press due to some pretty bad cases including drivers, such as one Toronto Uber driver telling a passenger to “suck his d***” before hitting her or the Michigan shooter . But it looks like the car service is making headlines for something good. According to data Uber has decreased DUI’s by 10 percent in Seattle. That’s great news! Check out the rest of this story after the jump.

(Video) Taylor Swift Brings Out Fetty Wap To Preform ‘Trap Queen’ In Seattle

Taylor Swift has been killing it on her ‘1989’ Tour bringing out tons of surprise guests. Yesterday, the pop star brought out breakout rapper Fetty Wap to preform his hit ‘Trap Queen.’ Hit the jump for more.

(Photo) Kicks: Air Jordan 6 Low Seahawks Sneaker!

Here is a look at the Air Jordan 6 low Seahawks sneaker when the Seahawks won there first NFL Superbowl we reported that there would be an Air Jordan 6 that would be releasing in Seahawks colors i guess this was the Air Jordan they were talking about. Here is the Air Jordan 6 Low Seahawks sneaker this sneaker has an all white upper with Navy blue on the upper as well followed by your white laces followed by your Jumpman done in that Seattle green. Completing the sneaker you have a Green speckled navy midsole followed by an icy bottom sole. As far as a release date is concerned none has been confirmed as soon as one is confirmed Inflexwetrust.com will have it here for you. Peep The Gallery To See Detailed Images Of The Air Jordan 6 Low Seahawks Sneaker After The Jump….

(Photos) NFL: Russell Wilson And Ciara Spotted With Baby Future

If not more than ever, this recent photo of Ciara and Russell Wilson definitely confirms that they are still together. Seems like no one wants this relationship to prosper but Wilson is definitely stepping up. Click more to check out the full story!

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