Should Kenneth Cole Stay Off Social Media?!?!

A few days ago during the massive media coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing and the Senate gun control vote, shoe designer, Kenneth Cole decided to make a very insensitive joke. Kenneth Cole or someone who controls his account, tweeted regarding the gun control measure, which the Senate didn’t pass, to sell shoes.

(Video) The Process Has Begun! Gun Bill Passes Through Senate Pit Stop!

The process for the proposed gun law that will allow more extensive background checks as well as more extreme penalties for gun trafficking has begun. One of the obstacles that was in the way, was the vote for lawmakers to debate on the issue. The vote for said debate took place today and won in a vote of 68-31. GOP senators who opposes the bill made an attempt to slow the process down, however Democrats and Republicans were able to get pass that. The next step is a vote on amendments, which would mostly effect universal background checks. “The plan would expand checks to gun-show and Internet sales, but exempt certain personal transactions.” I need to hear the voting on this. I mean, it’s not just ‘official’ gun permit holders who need this background check. The personal transactions need to be modified as well. Both side do have great arguments, but it’s still a SHAME. Drop down bottom for more details.

Guess Which Actress Is Going To Run For Senate?!

Actors and actresses have dabbled in politics throughout the years and one made it to being President of the United States. Now, another heavy hitting, Hollywood actress is giving politics a chance by running for Senate. Ashley Judd is planning to announce her candidacy for Senate sometime this Spring. Judd, who has been playing coy about running, will be running under the Democratic party in Kentucky. Read more below.

Guess Who Wants To Name A Congressional Bill After Hadiya Pendleton?!?!

You’ll never guess who’s thinking of creating a proposed law using Hadiya Pendleton’s Name! Hit the jump for more!

U.S. Senate Adds Another Brother To The Team!!!

William “Mo” Cowans will be the Newest member to the U.S. Senate. Hit the jump for the full story!

A Senator Brings Guns To A South Carolina High School ?!?!

Crazy but if that’s the way Senate wants it then hey, hit the jump for more.

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