RIP: ABC Mastermind, Shonda Rhimes Admits To Killing Off One Of Our Faves Because She Didn’t Like The Actor

Over the last four years, Shonda Rhimes has become a household name as the producer behind the scenes of Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, and How to Get Away with Murder continues to shock us week after week, season after season. In a recent interview, Rhimes opened up on the disappearance of one of our favorite characters by admitting that she killed him off because she didn’t like him (outside of the role).

Find Out What Role Denzel Will Be Playing On Grey’s Anatomy!

Denzel Washington is arguably, the best big-screen actor of this time. Posing as the both the villain and the hero, he has won the hearts of movie-watchers everywhere. Well, now Denzel will take his place as a part of the hit show, Grey’s Anatomy, but not in the way that you think!

(Video) Where Are All My ‘Scandal’ Lovers? Check Out The Season 5 Trailer.

While I am more of a Being Mary Jane, Empire, or a Hit The Floor (I think that’s on Monday’s) type of girl, I know that there are many who are sitting on there hands to control the excitement that is to come on Thurs., Sept. 24 at 9 p.m. est.; Scandal season five. ABC decided to release the trailer for the upcoming season, and it looks hot. The trailer features Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant getting in that good ol’ bed romp as Etta James’ “At Last” plays in the background. Towards the end of the 30-second tease, Fitz is shown serving his wife divorce papers. Hmm… Check it out after the jump.

(Video) Viola Davis Wins Peoples Choice Award And Redefines “Classic Beauty”

Viola Davis Wins Peoples Choice.Award And Redefines “Classic Beauty” Shonda Rhimes’s hit show ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ has received great reviews this past season.There have been so many thought provoking scenes throughout the series.In one episode Viola’s character takes off all her makeup and takes off her wig. For some reason that scene seemed to resonate with viewers it went viral and became a hot topic. In that moment you can tell she was forced to deal with her true self; her insecurities,fears, worries etc. A New York Times journalist wrote an article about Shonda Rhimes calling her an “angry black woman” she also criticized Viola Davis she stated Viola was “older, darker-skinned and less classically beautiful” winning this award really validated Viola she thanked Shonda for seeing her as a leading lady and for hiring her “classic beauty” More details below.

Shonda Rhimes Reacts To New York Times Calling Her An “Angry Black Woman”

What no one should be doing is calling Shonda Rhimes [producer of ABC’s “Scandal,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and the new “How to Get Away with Murder] an “angry black woman.” Especially if you’re the New York Times! Shonda Rhimes was prepared to respond back to their rude comment about her. Hit the jump for more!

(Video) LMAO: Watch This Hilarious ‘Scandal’ Gag Reel, Hosted By Jimmy Kimmel & Shonda Rhimes!

The ‘Scandal’ drama series is known for its team of stern Gladiators led by the one and only Olivia Pope, but sometimes their seriousness is interrupted by the art of mistakes/bloopers. Watch as the cast slips up in lines, curse up a storm, and let go of any formal acting, below!

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