(Video) Wait..Siri Is A Real Woman?!

This is kinda Dope! I actually thought they were using some type synthesized voice, but homegirl is real!!!

Is Siri REALLY About To Be Your BFF?!

Getting Bullied….In a Depression….Or Life is where you want it to be?! Siri is about to be that Shoulder to Cry On!!! A new update will now better help those with suicidal thoughts, Hit the jump to find out more..

Apple Keeps Siri Data For How Long?

Apple has confirmed that it keeps the information Siri, voice assistant on iPhones, gives to users. The company says it retains the information to help the company render better and more accurate results.

Yahoo Want To Have A Better Relationship With WHO?!?!?

According to sources, Yahoo is in talks with Apple so the company can play a more prominent role in Yahoo’s ecosystem. Yahoo already powers iOS’s Weather, Stock apps and provides data for Siri. The two companies are discussing “new arrangements, including possible deals to get more content from Yahoo Sports, Yahoo News” according to the Wall Street Journal.

(Photo) NBA Jokes: JR Smith & Siri Just Aren’t Compatible

Fans are still talking about JR Smith’s #YouTryinToGetThePipe line. Can’t lie, we at IFWT got a good laugh out of it. One of my favorite people to follow on Twitter (you should too) @Jose3030 shared this and I had to steal it from him and share. Check out what happens when you ask Apple’s Siri if she wants the pipe…

Xbox 720 To Have Siri Like Feature!!!

Now that we got the bad news out the way about used games with the Xbox 720, lets get to the good news and that is the actucal technogoly on the console. Now word is Mircrosoft plans on incoprating a siri like voice command for the console. Accoridng to The Verge they say the console will have “wake on voice, natural language controls, and speech-to-text,” The Siri like voice feature will allow gamers to speak commands naturally. Lets see how this works out

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