(Video) Naked Man Pours Milk On Himself While Running Through Wal Mart

A Man in Kentucky Runs Naked through Wal Mart while pouring Milk all over himself. Hop into the post for the video! #IFWT

(18+*Video) Caught On Tape: Chick Streaking Naked In Brazil

I just Love love love how they get down in Brazil…and that’s all I have to say about that.

(Video) Weather Woman Gives The Forecast NAKED After Losing Bet?!

Well apparently France is completely cool with presenting your work in your birthday suit! French weather woman Doria Tillier, also an extreme football (soccer) fan promised that if France made it to the World Cup against the Ukraine she would perform the forecast the following day, Naked. Well France made it and the next day came, hit the jump to watch the bold weather woman!

(Video) DMX Explains Why He Loves To Go Streaking & It Has To Do With What He’s Packin!!!

As TMZ ran up on DMX while he was at the LAX airport, they asked the question that we have all been wondering, why exactly did the Hip Hop legend go streaking in a Detroit Hotel? Well DMX responded simply by saying ” I Have A Big A** D*** & I like to show it!”. Soon after he admitted that it was a dare and began clowning TMZ’s camera man, Hit the ump to see the hilarious clip!

(Photos) MLB: Naked Streaking Fan Sporting “Hakuna Matata” Tattoo Halts Cards-Phillies Game

Sabrina B. There was plenty happening on the field at Thursday night’s Cardinals-Phillies game at Busch Stadium, and it wasn’t all baseball. The game was interrupted prior to the start of the seventh inning when a fan jumped over the wall, took off his clothes and went streaking across the field.

Woman Strips In Traffic And Then Attacks People Who Look At Her

A woman in Monongahela, Pennsylvania began to strip in the middle of traffic and walk around topless for a few blocks. The woman, who was driving around topless, started stripping off her pants and then attack people who were looking at her. I’m not really sure who wouldn’t at least do a double take on someone walking around naked in traffic. Read more after the jump. Julie1205

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