(Photos) A Queens Stripper Is Suing Management Because Of WHAT!?!?


24-year-old Mettanie Tapia has recently filed a lawsuit against the management at her old spot, the Riviera Gentleman’s Club. She claims that she was forced to cough up some of her tips to the “house mom.” In addition to paying her dues to the house mom, she also claims that she was forced to pay fines whenever the management deemed things like her manicure or pedicure unacceptable. Those fines totaled up to $20. Hit the jump for more info.

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NFL: Shawne Merriman Suing Nike

IFWT_Shawne 1

Former NFL player Shawne Merriman is suing Nike for trademark infringement & unfair competition over its “Lights Out” apparel line.
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Man Who Got Shot At The BET Awards Is Suing For Big $$$!


A man who got shot at a BET Awards after party claims the club, Viacom and BET’s lack of security almost got him killed. And now he’s seeking justice. Antwon Black claims in a new lawsuit that he showed up to a party at Compound Nightclub in Atlanta on October 2… the official BET after party. Black says “the club messed up and allowed one of its frequent patrons past security without checking for weapons — that patron ended up shooting Black in his left leg.” Black is suing a whole bunch of people! He’s suing the owners of the club, Viacom and BET for the lack of security. BET had no comment.

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MLB: Lenny Dykstra Suing L.A. County; Claims He Was Savagely Beaten By Cops & Suffered Serious Injuries


Lenny Dykstra claims he was beaten horribly while in custody at L.A. County Jail  & says his attackers were corrupt cops. Hit the jump for details…

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(Photos) #IsThatYoTHOT Chick Is Suing 2 Chainz For Blasting Her In Video!


It’s clear that Ms. Tina was embarrassed once this video went viral, but she must have been feeling a way since then because she is now suing 2 Chainz and Cap 1!

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(Video) Caught On Tape: Skrillex Stage Dives On Fan & She Has A Stroke! …Now She’s Suing!


Exaggeration, much? EDM genius, Skrillex, might wanna cut stage diving out of his shows cause a fan us suing the DJ for jumping on top of her from a stage in 2012 … and giving her a stroke. Jennifer Fraissl is suing Skrillex, saying he took a flying leap from his DJ table during a performance and landed on her at The Belasco in Downtown L.A. in February 2012. Fraissl says she was standing near the front when Skrillex pushed himself onto the crowd making it impossible for her to leave or even save herself and that’s when Skrillex jumped from his table several feet above the stage. Fraissl says she :suffered several injuries when the DJ landed on her, and later suffered a stroke as a result of the trauma.” She’s now suing Skrillex as well as the nightclub — claiming Belasco failed to prevent Skrillex from acting so recklessly. But doesn’t she know that Skrillex ALWAYS does that during his shows? She’s asking for medical expenses, loss of income, and more. Skrillex or his camp have no comment. See the footage from the 2012 show below!

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NFL: Arian Foster Suing His Soon To Be Baby Mama

IFWT_Arian Brit

I kinda saw this one coming after she was caught on tape lying.  Arian Foster is now suing the woman (pregnant with his child) that claimed he was strong-arming her to have an abortion.
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(Photos) Uh Oh! Snooki’s Suing NJ Company Over WHAT?!?!

snooki wants to do what to her body

During fist pumping, tanning, and raising baby Lorenzo, Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has a lawsuit on her hands. The queen of the Guidettes is suing Excell Brands for selling a KNOCK-OFF version of her fragrance, Snooki by Nicole Polizzi.

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(Video) PURE COMEDY! Female Emcee Sues Man On Judge Mathis For WHAT?!?!?!


On an episode of Judge Mathis, a female rapper is suing a man for submitting her “not finished” rap music video to WorldStarHipHop as the “Hot Mess of The Week.” LOL! Check out this hilarious footage after the jump.

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