Bobbi Kristina Undergoes A Tracheotomy To Prevent Infections

While still in a coma, prayers continue to go up, even more so after undergoing a tracheotomy. Doctors tell E! that it’s a, “normal procedure after a certain amount of time on a breathing tube. It helps prevent infections.” After a procedure such as a tracheotomy, it only confirms her aunt’s reports that Bobbi is showing improvement. The family is still by her side and father, Bobby Brown continues “to request privacy in this matter,” he said. “We thank everyone that supports Bobbi Kristina and God is healing our prayers.” More details at the bottom.

NBA: Carmelo “Likely” To Shut It Down After All Star Game, Wants To Recruit Players To New York

I realize most of my fellow Knicks fans seem mentally challenged sometimes, but even they should be able to agree this is the best move for everyone involved. Carmelo Anthony said yesterday he is very likely to sit out the rest of the season after the all star game. It makes the most sense. This Knicks team is going nowhere, and hasn’t been pretty much since November. Best thing is to have surgery and shut it down and come back 100% next year, with hopefully a better team. From the sounds of it Melo has serious plans to recruit guys to the Knicks this weekend.

(Photos) Shots Fired! Rocsi Diaz Goes Ham On Fans For Calling Her Out On New Boob Job

Former 106 & Park host Rocsi Diaz recently underwent a breast augmentation surgery to give herself some big knockers and we are NOT mad at her. However, it’s only right for the social media world to add their two cents in on everything they notice. After she posted a picture from the Grammys this past Sunday, internet trolls began invading her photo with comments and criticisms regarding her new rack. However, the fiery Latina in Rocsi came out and she went HAM on the commenters. See what she had to say over in the gallery! You go, girl!

NBA: Report, Blake Griffin Will Have Surgery On Elbow, Going To Miss All-Star Weekend & More

It was just announced that Blake Griffin will have surgery on his right elbow tomorrow to remove a staph infection and he will be re-evaluated after the all-star game. The type of surgery he is having usually requires about 4-6 weeks of recovery time, although the Clippers are obviously hoping for a faster time than that. The news of the surgery means Griffin will miss the all-star festivities in New York City next weekend which is bad news for fans because he knows how to put on a show with his dunks. The one person who may benefit from this is Damian Lillard because it means a roster spot just opened up for the West.

NBA: Kobe Bryant Has Successful Surgery, Will Be Out For 9 Months

Well for good news first, Kobe Bryant’s surgery was a success…however, it’s come along with a high price to pay, as Bryant will miss the next nine months after having rotator cuff surgery!

(Photos) WAIT: Did Iggy Azalea Get A Butt REDUCTION Surgery?!

It has been rumored that Auzzie rapper Iggy Azalea underwent a surgery to not enhance her booty, but to make it smaller! She allegedly got all the unwanted fat transferred from her body into her a*s, giving her the super thick cake that we all know and love Iggy for. However, word is that she wants a more “mainstream” look now, hence why she had a “butt reduction surgery” to deflate her cakes a little. Check out these pics of Iggy spotted out and about. She looks like a completely different person without her ridiculously big booty behind her!

Ladies: If You Wan’t That Plump Kim K. Backside The Safe Way, This Miami Surgeon Can Help You!

This past year, we have experienced the butt shot epidemic that is ruining it for all of us natural women with real booties. As tempting as the thought of ass shots can be from time to time due to the fact that we have to see these model chicks with the huge butts on a daily basis, the procedure is SO extremely dangerous and can result in death as we’ve seen in many instances. However, a Miami surgeon has discovered a much safer way to get the plump pound cake that we all long for.

(Photos) Fix It Jesus! Teen Mom Star Farrah Abraham Has a SCARY Reaction To Lip Injections

As crazy as “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham has been looking lately, she managed to really mess up her face this time. The reality TV turned porn star recently went under the knife for some serious lip injections but unfortunately for Farrah, they really messed her surgery up. However, it didn’t stop the MTV success story (sort of) from posting a picture of her botched lips online and ReTweeting EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE posted about her lips. I literally was in hysterics scrolling through her Twitter seeing how she has no shame in her plastic surgery game. Farrah captioned one of the photos, “Girlfriends don’t say I didn’t warn ya ! #BOTCHED California #ER #fixit.” GIIIRRRLLL, you are a! According to Farrah, she did extensive research on the specific doctor she picked and read it would be more “cost effective” to get lip implants (one time procedure) as apposed to getting fillers which need to be maintained and redone from time to time. WELP, I guess her research didn’t work out as planned because the doctor clearly had no clue what they were doing. She went from “Backdoor Teen Mom” to Jay Z’s long lost little sister. I cannot deal! Too ridiculous. Please head over to the gallery and see Farrah’s out-of-control lips.

(Video) NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers Lose Anderson Varejao For The Season With Torn Achilles

The Cavs have lost center Anderson Varejao for the rest of the season after he tore his Achilles tendon during the win over the Timberwolves last night. This is a bigger issue than it may appear because the Cavs already were weak in the low post against other big men and now to lose Varejao for the rest of the way could lead to some struggles against bigger line ups.

NBA: Carmelo Anthony May Undergo Knee Surgery

As if the Knicks season couldn’t get any worse, recent reports are indicating that Carmelo Anthony may have to undergo knee surgery. Hit the jump for details.

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