(Photos) Remembering Sandy Hook: Bells Ring 26 Times In Newtown To Honor Victims For 1 Year Anniversary Of School Massacre!

Bells rang at St. Rose of Lima Church to honor the victims of the Sandy Hook School shooting in Newtown, Ct. The church bells rang 26 times, as each victim’s name was read over a loud speaker. St. Rose of Lima Church, was one of several houses of worship that conducted private ceremonies, for the survivors of the 20 children and 6 educators killed at Sandy Hook. To read more, click below.

(Photos) Little Boy At Sandy Hook Emerges As Hero!

6 year old Jesse Lewis emerged a hero from the Sandy Hook School tragedy. He sacrificed his life to save his classmates. As gunman Adam Lanza paused to reload is gun, little Jesse yelled “run” and prompted children to get out of the way of gunfire. Surviving classmates attests their classmate is a hero, which does not surprise his mother, Scarlett Lewis. To read more about Sandy Hook’s little hero, click below.

Deadly Ferry Crash Leaves Dozens Missing In Philippines!!

A ferry collided with a cargo vessel late Friday near the central Philippine port of Cebu. 31 died in the deadly crash and more are missing. Hit the jump for more details.

Would You Eat A Piece Of Your Friend To Survive??

Remember that plane crash that took place in the Andes years ago, it has been talked about over the years.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about : a plane crashed in the Andes mountains where 16 men survived in the cold.  One of the men recalls how he survived the accident, he had to eat his dead friend’s body in order to make it through.  Others walked through the freezing temps and the snow in order to get help.  Today marks 40 years after these forced-to-be cannibals survived the crash.  Would you eat your dead friend’s decaying body in order to survive a horrible accident? Hit the jump Steph B

Breast Cancer Survivors May Face Heart Failure Too!

As if fighting one battle wasn’t enough. Breast cancer survivors may have another battle to face soon, that is heart failure. Studies show that heart failure is high amongst women who’ve have survived breast cancer. Us poor woman just can’t catch a break. Read more below. Minosoar

Wrecked Cruise Ship Survivors Offered Compensation

Just as a handful of surviving passengers of the half-sunken Costa Concordia filed lawsuit against the cruise line, the company has offered all survivors of the incident compensation. Honestly, this is the LEAST they can do — imagine living through something like that?! Find out more details after the jump! Wendy L.

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