NFL: Adrian Peterson Won’t Use A Switch Again & Doesn’t Want To Be Put In Same Category as Ray Rice

Adrian Peterson is expressed regret and speaking out — he says he’s a changed man and vows to never hit any of his children with a switch again. He also had an interesting comment about Ray Rice. Check out what he had to say in an exclusive interview with USA Today Sports…

Tmobile Has WHAT Rapper Endorsing Them?!

In All Honesty, back in the day, I really dug dudes Music, and When He did the car show on MTV, that was tough too, BUT….Do we give AF if he’s gone from AT&T to Tmobile?!?! IDK….Watch the Commercial after the Jump!!

MMA: Rampage Jackson Wants To Switch To Boxing At End Of UFC Contract

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl Rampage Jackson has revealed he is planning a switch to boxing at the end of his UFC contract, following his humbling loss to Jon Jones at UFC 135.

NBA: Plot for Kevin Durant’s Movie “Switch” Revealed

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl Kevin Durant’s new movie is called Switch. Durant is cast as himself and it’s set to come out in 2012.  Check some of the details after the jump…

Tech Talk Twitter: Switch To The New Twitter Before They Switch For You!!!

If you haven’t pay’d attention, twitter has been saying for sometime they have a new layout they will be using, and you’ve been able to switch back and forth, but they recently announced(at the top of your page) that you should go ahead and switch, cause they will do it for you!! So say goodbye to the way your used to using Twitter, and go ahead and Switch to learn the new layout, cause it is a bit different, and you’ll be tight if they do it before your ready! Hit the jump to see a bit of how the new look looks!!! Tat WZA

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