Tech Talk Warning: What Sony’s PSN Hack Means For You

Well it really depends on what type of PSN(Playstation Network) user you are? Do you just play demo’s and only really just have a login? Or are you buying/renting all kind of stuff through Qriocity? Hit the Jump and we’ll figure it out together. @TatWza

Tech Talk Robotics: A Homeless Bot??

Don-8r (pronounced “donator,”) is designed to not just panhandle but to collect $ for charities, but should a homeless person be able to afford a robot, they could take the day off and let this bot do the begging for them, but see it perform after the Jump. @TatWza

Tech Talk Q & A: Prodigy Tells Us His Choice Of Phone

1 half of the Infamous Mobb Deep has recently come home, and dropped a book that seems to be causing some controversy, but in the middle of the craziness He let us know his phone choice, so hit the Jump! @TatWza

Tech Talk News: Sony Jumps In The Tablet Game!!

Sony is letting the world know it’s in the Android Tablet game in a strong way! They are dropping 2 clean Honeycomb Tabs at the same time! Hit the Jump to find out what you need to know! @TatWza

Tech Talk Q & A: Can You Guess What Phone Game Uses??

Mostly when we ask this question We hear iPhone, which totally makes sense(iPhone is King), but Game Has taken a different route, And I like his choice!! Hit the Jump to find out! @TatWza

(Update) Tech Talk Rumor Is: The Wii 2 Is Coming!!

I’ve been telling you the Wii 2 is coming, and Nintendo has dropped some official news on it’s arrival, and you’ll have to hit the Jump to find out! @TatWza

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