Tech Talk News: Maker Of 1st Fast EV Speaks!!

Elon Musk, The man behind Telsa, the 1st fast EV sits down with the WSJ for an interview to dispel idea’s of what an EV is, as well as his plan to bring people to space, so watch the video after the Jump to stay in the know!! @TatWza

Tech Talk Rumor Is: Apple Will Win The Race To Cloud-Base Streaming Service!!

If you didn’t know there is a race going, and it’s a big one for the immediate future of your listening pleasure, with the service of Cloud based streaming, and do you know who is in the Race? No, hit the Jump! @TatWza

(NSFW 18 & Over) Tech Talk Gaming: Duke Nukem Forever Trailer!

Duke Nukem is a Classic, but the video after the Jump shows how a classic jumps into the Now, I’ve never been a Duke Nukem Head but that just may change!! @TatWza

Tech Talk Notification: Surfaces Will Fix Themselves!!

After the jump, you can see what this new material is that could make any surface you want to be scratch FREE! @TatWza

Tech Talk: Do You Know What This Is?

I can tell you right Now it’s an Acer Product, so you know it’s a computing device, but what kind is the issue, and you can hit the jump to find out! @TatWza

Tech Talk Q & A: Cam And Vado Speaking In Tech!

Since Cam and Vado Stopped by the Big Show to talk about their New Album “Gunz & Butter”(in store Today), and We Go Way Back, it was a great time to ask an important question, so I did, Hit the Jump for an Exclusive IFWT Tech Talk Q & A with the Harlem Hip Hop Dynamic Duo!!! @TatWza

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