(Video) Tia Mowry Speaks Out About Social Media Bullying

Tia Mowry joins her sister, Tamera Mowry, and the rest of the cast in an episode of ‘The Real’ and speaks out about body-shaming and social media bullying.

Tia Mowry Collects A Fat-Shaming Fan + Tags Her Employer; Company Responds

You kids gon’ learn today about cyber-bullying. People seem to think it has no real repercussions because they get to hide behind a screen and it’s “just Twitter” or “just Instagram,” but words are real and they can cost you. One young woman found this out the hard way last night, when she took it upon herself to go under actress Tia Mowry’s recent photo and say she’s “getting fat.” Real nice. Tia, deciding to make an example out of the “fan,” particularly because she is an advocate against body-shaming, had quite the clap-back – not only getting the girl ALL the way together, but letting her employer in on their employee’s shenanigans. Yasss, Tia! Go AWF! What’s sad is this lady is (well, was) a part of a mentorship program for young women, SMH! Check out what the company had to say in response.

When The Barbz Attack: Nicki Minaj Fans Come For Tia Mowry’s Entire Life

Oh sista, what did you get yourself into?! Tia Mowry took to her Instagram page to post what (to me at least) seemed like an innocent meme. It was a photo of Lisa Bonet being compared to a half-naked Nicki Minaj in a bikini that read, “me… other females” with a caption that reads, “Not that theres’ anything wrong with “the other girls…but this is so me!” In a matter of seconds, Nicki Minaj’s Barbz went into fight mode and came at the actress hard, basically ripping her entire life.

(Video) Tia Mowry Dishes on Possible ‘Sister Sister’ Reunion

In the world of television all we’ve been hearing about is the upcoming reboot of Full House, but today Tia Mowry was a guest on The Meredith Vieira Show and talked about a possible reunion for Sister, Sister. Check out the video after the jump.

Could Tia Mowry Be Making Her Return To BET’s ‘The Game’ For The Final 2 Seasons?!

Life has not been the same ever since BET’s original hit-series The Game took Tia Mowry off the show (well, at least for me.) Rumors have been circulating that Tia will be making her way back to the show as “Melanie” to finish showing us what is happening with her long-time love on the show, “Derwin Davis.” Unfortunately, the show will be coming to a complete end in 2015 after they air two more seasons. Tia addressed the rumors that she’ll be making her TV comeback as Melanie with a heart-felt message via her Facebook page (yet highly disappointing for me) revealing that she will NOT be coming back to the show. Mowry said, “The [love] I am receiving from fans of Melanie on The Game is so amazing and touching! I couldn’t just ignore. I had amazing 5 yrs on the show and feel so blessed to be have been a part of it:) Many are asking if I am making a return for the last year, and the answer is no. But again, I felt so blessed, so blessed, to have played Melanie Barnett! ‪#‎melanieandderwinforever‬.” WAHHHHHHH! They are my favorite couple on the show. Such a bummer but at least we get two more seasons of the madness! Can’t wait.

Whoa! SMH: Tia Mowry’s Suing Her Agent For WHAT!?!?

Tia Mowry and her sister Tamera have been hot since the ’90s. The world pretty much watched them grow. With that being said, companies have watched their money grow too. So it’s no surprise that she’d be able to use Twitter to her advantage. The TV star had apparently inked a deal with various companies to promote them on her social media page. The deals were worth up to $108,000, but when it was time to get paid, her agent got sticky fingers. Now she’s suing. Check out what the lawsuit claims after the jump.

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