(Video) Guy Loses His Shit After Lightning Strikes Right Next To His Girlfriend

Lmao…okay I don’t mean to laugh, but the way this video ends just has me dying laughing. This man goes to the beach with his girlfriend as she runs towards the water he stays in the back and is filming for some reason…next thing you know lightning strikes out of nowhere and the girl starts running back as he is screaming jibberish it sounds like lol. Maybe it was a foreign language who knows…it was filmed in Sydney, Australia, but you gotta check this out! Hit the jump.

Wife Crashes Her Own Funeral To Surprise Her Husband Who Tried To Kill Her

Yes. This woman crashed her own funeral. All to surprise her husband who hired bounty hunters/killers to have her murdered. But, in an unexpected twist of fate she escapes and has lived to tell her story! This one is like a real life Taken only in reverse. Hit the jump!

Meek Mill & Drake Were In The Same Hotel The Night ‘Back To Back’ Dropped

Drake literally dropped ‘Back To Back’ on Meek Mill…and Nicki Minaj. After the decoding of some lyrics from the music Meek Mill and Drake released simultaneously last night, we are coming to the conclusion that they were actually staying at the same Toronto hotel the night the grammy nominated diss track was unleashed. Hit the jump.

NFL: Terrell Owens Teams Up With Butterfinger To Pay Fines For Excessive Player Celebrations

We all know Terrell Owens loved to celebrate when he scored a touchdown during his playing days. In fact, he and fellow receiver Chad Johnson are basically responsible for the NFL being so strict on touchdown celebrations nowadays. They would pull out all the stops after they scored and now T.O. is trying to help his fellow NFL family out by paying their fines.

Obamacare Exchange Fails To Detect Counterfeit Documents

President Barrack Obama will forever be remembered for instituting his milestone Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare. It’s a brave attempt at providing coverage for many Americans whom could not receive health insurance prior to its execution. But, the opposition continues at accumulating and enumerating erroneous aspects of the controversial law. As the enrollment period approaches for all Americans, people are highlighting protective mechanisms that are not detecting fraudulence.

(Video) Florida Man Wheeled To Jail For Wheelchair DUI

A Florida man named Ronny Scott Hicks had two previous DUI charges on his record but when he received his third, he was in control of a different type of motored machine. Check out this bizarre story for more details.

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