No Way! Jennifer Lopez Reveals Her Secret Food Addiction

Not like Jennifer Lopez has anything to worry about because her body is absolutely flawless, but the American Idol judge has a secret food obsession. The 44-year-old Bronx-born celeb recently admitted that she “eats cookies everyday” during a 20 second segment where she was asked to reveal things about herself most people did not know. Jenny from the Block says she just can’t get enough chocolate chip cookies in her life. Don’t worry, J. Lo, you’re not the only one!

FOOD: Horsemeat Found In The Beef At Taco Bell!

With horse meat turning up in so many different food chains and supermarkets lately, it makes me think twice about eating beef. China is the world’s largest consumer of horse meat, and parts of France actually have horse meat on their everyday menus. But here in America, I think I speak for most people when I say, I’ll pass. “Yo quiero, horse meat?” No thanks! Will this stop you from indulging at Taco Bell? Check out which Taco Bell tested positive for horse meat below! Caasi Cofer

New Film Explores African-Americans’ Unhealthy “Soul Food” Habit!!!

The movie is going to examine how black cultural identity is linked to high-calorie, high-fat foods such as fried chicken and barbecued ribs and how eating habits may be changing. The creator of the film, Byron Hurt speaks on his father’s fight and eventual death from pancreatic cancer. A high-fat diet is a risk factor for the illness, according to researchers at Duke University in North Carolina.We all love our Sunday dinners, but we also must AT LEAST be enlightened on how certain foods can affect us in the long run. Russ B

(Photo) 8,000 Units Of DEADLY Salmon RECALLED!!!!

Research on healthy foods contradicts itself every day, but salmon can definitely KILL YOU. Vita Foods is recalling more than 8,000 units of salmon. Details after the jump! Emma RABID

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