(Video) Rihanna Launches ‘ANTidiaRy’ In Anticipation Of “ANTI” Release

Rihanna has inked a $25 million deal with Samsung for the release of her upcoming album, ANTI. The partnership includes sponsorship, on Samsung’s behalf, while RiRi will help the company sell their Galaxy product line. Will the company’s sealed approval, Rihanna has launched ANTIdiaRy.com, a website that will keep fans up-to-date about all things associated with the release of the album. Find out more down bottom.

(Video) Another Day, Another Case of Racism: Berkley California High School Student Admits To Posting Racist Messages On Library Computers

Well, another day, another case of racism rearing it’s ugly head. Students at Berkley High School in California staged a major walkout after racist messages were found written all over the library computers. At first, students didn’t know how are who was responsible for it but apparently the pressure from anger and animosity from the students was felt throughout the school as a student decided he was to come and confess to the crime, read more to hear more about this racist foolery of the day, smh.

Lena Dunham’s Newsletter Announces The Website ‘Women4Women’ By Sandra Bland

“I want to be able to share my story with young women out there,” Sandra Bland had told Women4Women co-founder, Chenai Okammor. Women4Women serves as a network and forum of “multi-age, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, and multi-color women who will support each other on issues addressing a healthy MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT,” according to the website. Before her death in a Texas jail cell, Bland had been working on the launch of the site. Women4Women’s launch was announced via the newsletter, Lenny, from actress and screenwriter among other things, Lena Dunham. Find out more after the jump.

Was OG Maco’s Website Hacked By Future Fans?

As we reported earlier, “U Guessed It” rapper OG Maco had some choice words about Future’s music over the weekend, blaming him for “destroying lives” by glorifying drugs in his lyrics. He did note that he is a huge fan, however, but wanted to make the point that he feels artists should use the platform to preach better principles than taking 56 Xanex. Though Future has yet to reply, his fans seem to have done the work for him. If you head over to OGMaco.com, you’ll find a lovely photo of a smiling Future, with a quick Q&A:


(Photos) Syrian Electronic Army Admits To Hacking U.S. Army’s Website

No one is safe … Monday, the U.S. Army’s website was down. Come to find out, it the government run site was hacked into. The Syrian Electronic Army, a hacker group that has claimed in the past to disrupt major news websites, according to Fox News, admits to being the culprits behind the issue. Check down bottom for more.

(Photos+Video) Anti-Gay Pastor on Gay Website

A Michigan pastor who has publicly opposed gay marriage has been caught soliciting sex from men on a gay website.

Sports: Unfinished Business – Check Out Recently Retired Jeter’s Latest Venture

Despite spending much of his early days of retirement walking around the city with girlfiend, Hannah Davis, Derek Jeter has decided to officially kick off his retirement by launching a new website. The site will be “devoted to delivering athletes ‘unfiltered’ views to their fans.” Jump on it and check out further details on this story and new website !!!

(Photos) Just Like Her Mama! Blue Ivy Steps On The Plane In Style!

Beyonce’s website brings you into the world of all that is Queen Bey royalty, including sharing photos of her little princess. In one photo Blue Ivy struts in some little pink heels rocking some adorable baby couture as she walks on to a plane. Check out the must see cuteness after the jump!

(Photos) NBA: Lebron James Personal Website Crashes After Fans Rush To Site For Answers

Fans are in a frenzy over Lebron’s decision and they just can’t handle it. After a “source” broke news yesterday that Lebron planned to announce his plans via his website LebronJames.Com at 3:30 pm, fans rushed to the site. The problem was even if Lebron really was going to do that nobody would of been able to see it because the website crashed due to the onslaught of unexpected traffic. Many fans hoping to read what he decided to do only got to see the main page of the site continue to “load” or even worse got a server error! Luckily for fans that rumor was totally untrue as we still are waiting to see what the King will decide to do. Hit the jump.

NBA: Cavs Finally Remove Dan Gilbert’s Infamous LeBron Letter From Team Website; Cavs Release Statement

As rumors of a potential return to Cleveland for LeBron James heated up this morning, everyone took notice that the Cavs removed the infamous letter that Dan Gilbert wrote in the aftermath of LeBron choosing the Heat in 2010.  So what does this mean?!  Did it just disappear?!  Hit the jump for details…

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