(Photos) One Of Hip- Hop’s Influences ‘Earth, Wind & Fire’ Performs May 21

Their influence on music, specifically in Hip-Hop culture, is very much appreciated. Some Hip Hop royalty like Public Enemy, Nas, Jay-Z, and DJ Quik, have sampled them, so it’s only right that one of Hip Hop’s influences ‘Earth, Wind & Fire’ performs May 21. Let’s go down a short list of artists that have sampled the crew. There’s way too many to list but here’s a quick sample. Plus, read more to find location of concert.

NFL: Fox Super Bowl Cameras Will Show Players’ Body Temperatures & More

Can you believe the Super Bowl is just a couple weeks away?!  I’m so excited that it’s here in NY, but while we have no idea if it was be nice like the past couple days or freezing with snow — the cameras will be ready!  This is actually pretty cool.  Check out what some of the cameras will be doing…

(Video) Soccer: Kinda Crazy…Wind Makes Goalkeeper Score His Own Goal

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl The most astounding own goals in soccer generally involve hilarious gaffes and head-scratching errors by goalkeepers or defenders. After all, these are called “own goals” because a player has scored on his own goal. But in Wednesday’s friendly match against Dynamo Kiev, Maccabi Haifa goalie Assaf Mendes was simply unlucky. In fact, this goal for Kiev and supposedly scored by Haifa could quite easily be attributed to a third party — nature.

(Photo) WHOA! Check Out What The Wind Did To This Billboard Over The BQE!!

We knew it was windy today, but SHEESH!! A billboard on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway collapsed and fell onto the highway and street below. More pics and details after the jump!! Wendy L.

(Photo) Did @Questlove Find The Best Irene Sign???

On Twitter last night The Great Questo of the Roots Twitpic’d A business sign that advertised how long they will stay open during Irene, and it quite funny to me, so why not share! Like to see it, here it goes, after the jump! Tat WZA WZA on Google+

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