(Video) 400 Pound Zoo Lion Scares Little Boy

These animals are out of control lol. Somebody musta told this lion about the Gorilla incident.

(Video) Gorilla Grabs Child Who Fell Into It’s Habitat!

This 4 year old boy took a trip to the Zoo that he will never forget.

(Video) Suicidal Man Throws Himself Into The Lion Cage At The Zoo To Be Eaten Alive

When people usually go to the zoo they usually go to see all of the exotic animals like lions, tigers and bears but one man did the unthinkable when he went to visit a zoo in Chile. 20-year-old Franco Ferrada attempted to commit suicide by letting the lions in the zoo eat him alive. Read the rest of this story after the jump.

(Video) Kangaroo Fights Zoo Employee!

This wouldn’t be your average visit to the zoo…

(Caught On Tape) Look What Happened When A Peacock Flew Into The Polar Bear Part Of An Austrian Zoo!

It got real, real fast at an Austrian zoo. About as fast as it takes for a peacock to fly into the polar bear quarters. Once it flew in, it ended faster once the bears got a hold of the exotic bird. For your entertainment, it was all caught on tape. Check it out after the jump.

(Video) Big Sean Ventures To South Africa [Weekend Recap Vlog]

Detroit’s own Big Sean traveled to South Africa to put on a special packed show at Mary Fitzgerald Square in Johannesburg. The dedicated fans toughed it out and stayed for the show with umbrellas and all since it was down-pouring all crazy. However, Sean also made sure to do a little sight-seeing with his mother during their stay over-seas. The two flicked it up at a local zoo and posed with lions and giraffes. Check out the full weekend recap vlog below of the G.O.O.D. Music emcee’s trip!

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