After seeing KIK pop off it’s clear that RIM has 1 component that everybody wants. And the reason KIK isn’t moving much any more is mostly because RIM took them off of app world so their cross platform was no longer crossing and People have been complaining since, Well RIM may have a solution for you….See Details.

RIM Vice President Pete Devenyi had this to say on the subject:
BlackBerry is and will continue to be dominant in most corporations, [but] it’s not going to be the only device given the fact that consumers have the choice to bring in their own devices and IT departments are often letting them in. So there’s a question there. Do those corporations have to manage those devices differently or is there the possibility that RIM might extend capabilities to make it easier for those corporations to manage those devices as well? … If the right thing to do is to extend a subset of those [BlackBerry] capabilities to be able to manage other devices, it’s worthy of a conversation

Right now he’s just talking about device management, but if this goes forward it could be a sign of a willingness for RIM to move some of its proprietary services to other devices. BBM on Android and iPhone? I am already gonna get rid of my Blackberry but but should BBM Pop up on iPhone or an Android device, I will soooo Be Happy!!!!