Maybach Music Group sat down with the juice to tell the making of MMG and who inspired his decision making. hit the jump read more and watch part 1 of 2 of the video.


As of February, Rick Ross has taken Maybach Music Group to new heights. Rawse has hand picked rappers such as Wale, Pill, Meek Mill, Gunplay, Torch – and singer, Teedra Moses – to build a well oil machine, crafting one of many of the hip-hop imprint’s collaborative projects to come, compliation album, ‘Self Made Vol. 1’ due next week, May 23.

On the eve of the ‘Self Made’ listening session in New York City, Maybach Music Group’s Rick Ross, Wale, Pill and Meek Mill sat down with’s The Juice to tell of the making behind the group. In part one of our two part interview with Maybach, Rick Ross discusses why he chose Pill, Wale, and Meek Mill, what former models he was inspired by (i.e. Bad Boy, Cash Money, No Limit) and the guys share their stories of being signed to Maybach.

“Building Maybach Music Group, building this empire, of course I was inspired by some of the earlier movements and earlier dudes that came along such as Cash Money [and] Bad Boy Records. To me, when I really think about the greatest era of hip-hop, that was the greatest eras of hip-hop; when I turned on the TV and saw Big, Mase, Junior Mafia, and the Lox. That was the most exciting era of hip-hop. I looked at the No Limit era and saw that camaraderie that they had, that unity, that brotherhood that they shared. I think it spilled over from [their] music,” Rick Ross says.

Check back Wednesday, May 18 for part two of our two part interview with Maybach Music Group.