Last night, The Game caught a BIG break by 2 cops that turned out to be fans of his. While on his drive home, the rapper was clocking 135 miles per hour (wtf?!) in his Mercedes Benz. He really lucked out because that’s not only a MAJOR speeding ticket, but also a wreckless driving ticket, some sort of endangerment ticket and MAD points on your license! Not to mention, that’s truly endangering not only yourself but those around you! A crash at 135mph is killing EVERYONE involved, on SITE! Please, please consider that a blessing and NEVER do that again!!! Read on for Game’s account of the incident.


“So check it… just got pulled over by 2 KOOL ass white cops. They clocked me @ 135mph & soon as I rolled the window down, They turned on the flash lights & both said “Ohhhh shiiiit” .. I’m like, Im not drunk & I just wanted 2 see how fast the 600 go. They both laughed & said we follow you on Twitter, its pretty kool to see this car in person…& walked away & as Im bout 2 put the Benzo in drive the tall one yells back “Aye Aye Aye Hold up” !! So I say, sup heart beating fast as shit. & he smirks & says “Hoodnight (no typo) ……… I say “Fasho” & drive slow ( @kanyewest voice ) wheeew !!!! Close call. #OnlyInAmerica. Now driving 55 mph the rest of the way home :)”