It seems Verizon is test running, to a small group of users, a 300mb Data plan for a very small price, and Rumor is it’s to be offered this holiday to everybody, but you really need to hear why, after the Jump!

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Rumor Is that Verizon is going Directly after AT&T’s $15 a month 200mb plan by offering this 300mb’s for $20 a month, which they are test running to a small # of people in Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia and North Carolina(the mid-atlantic region) from August 18th until September 30th, and if those tests go right, they will be directly going after AT&Tmobile’s throat!! I might eve go verizon at that price!!!!

Here’s a statement:
This is a great introductory plan for customers who have been contemplating moving from a basic phone to a smartphone but were hesitant because of cost, said Mike Maiorana, regional president in Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia. The $20 monthly access promotional plan is an opportunity for customers to learn the many benefits of having a smartphone with email and calendar functions, as well as Internet access and apps, at their fingertips

Here is Verizon’s current Data Plan: