Joe Budden has always had a history of dealing with some fly women. He dated then-unknown Tahiry for 5 years, and their relationship ended in 2009. He quickly bounced back with a brief fling with Love & Hip-Hop star Somaya Reece (and I stress the words BRIEF and FLING! LOL), and he then found himself in a one year relationship with model Esther Baxter. We ALL know that story didn’t end well (OLS3 anyone?) and he was soon “single Joe” for the first time in a very long time, obviously. Rumors have swirled lately (of which he absolutely added fire to on Twitter) that he was now dating video vixen Yaris Sanchez. But it seems now he may want that old thing back?! Check out Tahiry’s tweets from last night below! So far no word from Yaris or Joe on Twitter…but IFWT will definitely keep you updated!

Marisa Mendez