Two Saudi Arabian artists have built a representation of the Twin Towers using stacks of Korans. Called ‘Blink’, the artwork uses 150 copies of Islam’s holy book in an attempt to promote unity between the world’s religions. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story.

Verses from the Koran are written on the yellow ribbon surrounding the installation, which was conceived by Qaswara Hafez and Raneem Farsi.

Blink is currently on show at a gallery called Q Contemporary in Beirut, which, its website boasts, features ‘visceral, bold, cheeky and original’ works of art.

The artists explain that after the attacks on the World Trade Center by Islamic extremists, many Muslims undertook a great deal of soul searching, because they felt their religion had been hijacked for a purpose they disagreed with.
Blink, they say, aims to promote greater understanding of Islam and to change the negative view of it that many in the West, following 9/11, now have.