This is beyond exciting, I mean the thought of a NEW Xbox UI is already a great look, but for there to be a possibility to be a whole NEW Xbox, and a Kinect 2, oh Man, Hit the Jump for the Details!!!


OK ok ok, There is So Much, where do I start, ok so apparently there will not only be a NEW Xbox at this coming CES, but there will be 2, yes 2 Xbox’s(or is it Xboxi??), A NEW gaming Extreme called the “Xbox 720” packed with material for the Pro’s out their, AND A NEW Gaming lightweight called the “Xbox Loop” that is for those that just want to play a little, and Not indulge in a 24hr binge!!
No Specs on either Device, Except for the fact that it’s supposed to support the Kinect 2, which IS Rumored to be Able to Read Your Lips, and detect your Voice levels, which if true is revolutionary!! They are saying the only reason it doesn’t do it now because the USB 2.0 connection used can’t handle the whole weight, but with USB 3.0, and Thunderbolt ports becoming more available……so there is 1 spec we might know, wink wink.
Imagine All the fun that the Kinect will be with Lip reading & the ability to listen to you, Women may even get something out of it!!! I just hope the kinect’s eyeglasses still work for it!!!

Best part about all this is, if a New Xbox or 2 drops, thePrice on the 360 will go way down, like $150 to $99, Man I can’t wait!!!