Earlier today, Star Magazine ran with a story of Amber Rose saying Kim Kardashian is a “homewrecker” and was one of the main reasons she and Kanye broke up. Though Star said it was a direct quote, we all were pretty skeptical since Amber has always been pretty mum on her relationship with her ex. But after the internet went nuts about the story, Amb took to her Twitter to confirm she did indeed say that and explain exactly why now she felt the need to speak out about it. Read what she said below.

Marisa Mendez

I know there has been a lot of rumors circulating the internet today. After being asked the same questions over and over in every interview for so long i had to be honest and get this off my chest … I don’t lie, i don’t embellish I’m not trying to hurt anyone just setting the record straight. #FAME is a Crazy thing But I’m so thankful I have a AMAZING husband that Loves and supports me to the fullest he’s my Angel and soulmate. Thank u Rosebuds and Rosestuds for understanding me Muva loves y’all so much