You know this will be on every baby shower registry after it drops. Hit the jump to see the power folding stroller in action.




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Parents, your prayers have been answered. There is finally an auto folding and unfolding stroller. No more struggling. No more cursing. No more throwing out the lame, uncooperative baby cart when all efforts to return it to its compact form have failed. 4Moms thinks it has the ultimate baby-mover solution: Origami: the first-ever power folding stroller, unveiled here at CES 2012.

The stroller is no larger than a typical one, but inside it are motors and power that, at the turn and touch of a button, will quietly flatten the stroller into a compact shape. The same action will unfold it. Such convenience does not come cheap. Origami, on sale now, retails for $849. The good news is that 4Moms has thrown in a slew of other tech features that may make Origami worth the big bucks.

The rear wheels not only roll, they charge up the battery, so you never have to worry about having the power to fold up the stroller. You can also charge your cellphone or MP3 player through it. It has day-time running lights that face forward and at the base of the stroller so you can avoid the big bumps and pot holes.

It has a large LCD display that includes a lifetime triptometer (how many miles have you pushed that baby?), and a speed gauge. There’s even a sensor in the seat that alerts the system to when junior (or your dog) has climbed back into the stroller, and prevents it from auto-folding up on them. Less technical, but no less important, Origami has two well-positioned cup-holders near the rubberized handle and an extra set of wheels that let you pull the Origami along like luggage when it’s folded.

Power Folding Stroller!!!