Since Final Cut X has come out, a lot of people have complained, The Newby’s to it say it’s kinda complicated, and the Pro’s say it’s too dumbed down, but both complained about one thing for sure, “No Multicam Support”, Well Apple has corrected that, See more after the Jump.


Not only does it have Multicam Support, but it supports 64 cams, Each with their own codec, and time codes. The App will also try to match up clips by their waveform(kinda cool, cause that’s how I edit). Greenscreen editing also has gotten better on the App, with it allowing tweaking on the Chroma-Key. Some 3rd-Party Apps have also chipped in with some effects plugins, and a great way to convert older FCP projects to the New version. If you haven’t already got the New(now Re-Newed) App, FCX is only $300(compared to the old $700, or $1300 for the Bundle) in the Mac App Store, which you can easily get to as long as you have Lion.