Like A Boss! Spotify Buys Company That Powers Internet Radio!!!

More than likely you never heard of ‘The Echo Nest’, shoot, I’m a super geek and I never thought to find out what’s the force behind(API) Internet Radio apps like Pandora(in the #1 position), Spotify, Rdio, Twitter Music, and I assume iTunes radio, Songza, and more, but now we know it’s the Echo Nest, and we now know it’s own by Spotify because they just acquired it! What does that mean for your fav radio app though?!

Tech Talk Computer: FIrefox Adds Facebook Integration

The latest installment of Firefox has been released and it’s full of some thoughtful features. Click-to-play blocklisting will help stop those annoying ad videos; ya know… the ones that obnoxiously start playing without any interaction. Mozilla reported 20 performance improvements in Firefox 17. But the one feature getting the most attention? Facebook Chat API. Log in and access your complete Friends list without missing a beat. No bugs reported just yet. Hit the jump for the full list of new features. Tat Wza

(Video + Audio) Tech Talk Exclusive: New Game Called “Clucks” Uses Viddy & Make Video Drawsomething!!!

I am Very Excited to Announce this, I got the word straight from Viddy, AOL has Produced a New game which directly uses the Viddy API to mesh Video and a Drawsomething like game, And Can I say, It’s Pretty Dope!!! Hit the Jump! Wza

Tech Talk Rumors: Apple Currently Working on iOS 6???

Rumor has it Apple is currently working on their newest os (iOS 6) with the code name Sundance.  A Blog site is reporting that they  “triple confirmed the newly updated Maps app which  is coming in iOS 6, though he thinks the hype surrounding how good it is might be hyperbole”. With iOS 6 in the works does this mean a new iPhone will see a release in the near future? @Yungjohnnybravo @TatWZA

Tech Talk Web: Is Google+ Failing???

This is a theory floating around the web, becoming the elephant in the room, and as sad as it may be to me….it could be true, or Not, Hit the Jump. +TatWZA

Tech Talk Editing: Final Cut X Has Upgraded For MultiCameras!!!

Since Final Cut X has come out, a lot of people have complained, The Newby’s to it say it’s kinda complicated, and the Pro’s say it’s too dumbed down, but both complained about one thing for sure, “No Multicam Support”, Well Apple has corrected that, See more after the Jump. +TatWZA

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