I am Very Excited to Announce this, I got the word straight from Viddy, AOL has Produced a New game which directly uses the Viddy API to mesh Video and a Drawsomething like game, And Can I say, It’s Pretty Dope!!! Hit the Jump!


Ok, It hasn’t Officially hit iTunes as yet, But Expected to shortly and I hope to get on the Phone with Viddy and AOL tonight!! I have a Great Relationship with Viddy, So if they ask to help announce a New Dope game that AOL Produced, I’m More than All in!!!

Ok I mentioned it’s like Drawsomething(Whom I also have a Great relationship with), Now it’s not that you Draw anything, But You pick a word, Describe it through Video, the person you are playing with see’s you describe it as Video is being recordedof them guessing the word, then the person whom originally sent the word see’s themselves, and the person guessing the word in a split screen, and the word being guessed pops up! I have to say Extremely Dope!!! Ok Watch the Video explanation Straight from AOL it’s self!!!

Not Available Just Yet, But Keep Checking Link Below for When it Is!!!!

iTunes: Clucks

Audio Of The Interview Of Sol Lipman from AOL:


AOL Announces the Release of Clucks

First of Its Kind App Brings Short-Form Video to Turn-Based Social Gaming

Palo Alto, California, September 27, 2012 – AOL Inc. announced today the release of the first
mobile game based on short-form social video, Clucks. Clucks is a turn-based game for the
iPhone that uses short-form video to let players challenge their friends to guess a word they are
describing. Clucks is also the first mobile game to integrate Nuance’s (NASDAQ: NUAN) Dragon
voice recognition software to spot-check for in-game cheating. AOL also announced today that
they are the first application developer to partner with Viddy, a pioneer in short-form video
with more than 40 million registered users, to provide players with the ability to post game
videos to the Viddy community.

Clucks players record a twelve-second video describing a word, while avoiding five ‘forbidden’
words, and send that video to their opponent. Clucks uses Nuance’s Dragon voice recognition
software which spot-checks players to keep them honest. Opponents must then guess the word
being described, and their reactions are recorded to create a fun action-reaction video that
players can share with their friends. Players vie for points, called “clucks”, earning more as they
guess correctly. For solo players, “Barnyard” mode includes a set of pre-recorded clues that one
can watch and guess against without an opponent.

“No one has captured the trend for social video sharing in mobile gaming yet,” said Sol Lipman,
VP of Mobile First at AOL. “By leveraging the fun of short-form videos, integrating Nuance’s
Dragon voice recognition to deter cheating, and partnering with Viddy to enable sharing, we
have created a first-of-its-kind app that’s fun and different.”

AOL is the first application developer to partner with social video giant Viddy to provide players
with the ability to post game videos to the Viddy community of more than 40 million registered
users. Viddy, a pioneer in short-form social video, recently announced a platform and API to
distribute apps throughout the Viddy network.

“It’s exciting to see an irreverent, fun and creative product like this come out of a large
company like AOL,” said JJ Aguhob, Co-Founder and President of Viddy. “We love it, and we
think our users will too, which is why we want to make Clucks an important part of the Viddy

“Millions of people experience the power of Dragon voice technology as part of their day-to-
day interactions with devices, services and apps – making life simpler, more productive and
in the case of Clucks – more fun,” said Matt Revis, Vice President, handset business, Nuance
Mobile. “AOL’s Clucks showcases how Nuance’s Dragon Mobile SDK for mobile apps is flexible
enough to be integrated as part of a breakthrough mobile gaming experience.”

Clucks is available for iPhone and downloadable in the iOS app store. The game is free to
play and offers a number of in-game purchases to unlock features and gameplay advantages.
Download clucks at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/clucks/id559328825?ls=1&mt=8

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